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Discounted Multipacks

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Native Thanksgiving 2-Pack

2 CDS Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz -- The Other Side of Thanksgiving The historical lens through which national holidays are viewed is often blurred and distorted. Thanksgiving is a case in point....

Richard Wolff
4 Hours With 'America's Most Prominent Marxist Economist'

First program: Democracy at Work Cascading economic problems and crises, coupled with dysfunctional political responses, have plunged many societies into deepening turmoil. Capitalism, the dominant economic system of our time,...

David Cobb
A Declaration to Amend + Fighting Corporate Personhood

First Program: David Cobb - A Declaration to Amend Concerned about the influence of money in politics? You should be. Politics looks more and more like an auction with seats going...

Medea Benjamin
Afghanistan: Beyond the Propaganda + Drone Warfare

2 CDs First program: Kathy Kelly - Afghanistan: Beyond the Propaganda The pretext of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 was the September 11 attacks. Washington announced it...

Angela Davis
Angela Davis 3-Pack

3 CDs First Program Transnational Solidarities Solidarity was long a term invoked by unions and working men and women. Now, alas, unions, under sustained political attack, are in acute decline....

Justin Lewis
Anti-Consumerism 2-Pack

2 CDs First program: Justin Lews - Media & Consumer Capitalism Rene Descartes, the 17th century French philosopher once said, “I think, therefore I am.” In today’s context it may be...

Medea Benjamin
Anti-Drone 2-Pack

2 CDs Jeremy Scahill - License to Kill Drones represent a new era in warfare. They are the White House-Pentagon-CIA weapon of choice. Clean 21st century death from above. No body...

Dennis Kucinich
Antiwar 2-Pack

2 CDs Dennis Kucinich - War and Peace The U.S. has the world’s most powerful military machine. Its navy controls the seas, its air force the skies. Almost 70 years...

Rashid Khalidi
Armenia, Kurdistan & Palestine + Inside the Middle East

2 Programs First Program: Rashid Khalidi - Armenia, Kurdistan & Palestine: Unhealed Wounds World War I, 1914-1918, was called the war to end all wars. Alas, that was hardly the case....

Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy 2-Pack

2 CDs Arundhati Roy – Gandhi & Caste States have their iconic heroes. Founding Fathers. Jinnah in Pakistan, Ataturk in Turkey, George Washington in the U.S., Gandhi in India. To...

William Black
Banks, Fraud & Looting + Ideology Over Reality

First Program: William Black - Banks, Fraud & Looting Bankers brought the world's economy to the brink of collapse and then as the Occupy slogan says, “We got sold out,...

Edward Said
Best of Edward Said 3-Pack

3 CDs  First program - Culture & Imperialism Imperial power is constructed on a bedrock not only of force but of culture as well. Culture provides the crucial underpinning, justification...

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