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Discounted Multipacks

Alternative Radio
Alternative Election Coverage

AR has produced new programming related to the U.S. elections. We are proud to make incursions onto the public airwaves with critical analysis of what has been described as the...

Ari Rabin-Havt
Pack of Lies 3-Pack

3 CDS First program: Liars, Lying & Politics Olympic athletes to corporate executives at Volkswagen tell lies. Remember Tony Montana, the mobster in Scarface played by Al Pacino, when he...

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader 2016 6-Pack

6 CDs First program:  Progressive Matters 2 CDs The discontent in the U.S. is more than palpable. Income and wealth inequality continue to soar. The middle class is getting hammered. Fifty million...

David Korten
David Korten 3-Pack

3 CDs First program: A New Story Since the beginning of time people have been telling stories from Gilgamesh in Iraq to The Odyssey in Greece. These tales convey lessons and...

Vandana Shiva
Best of Vandana Shiva 3-Pack

3 CDS Vandana Shiva – We Are All Seeds Seeds, those little things we kind of take for granted, are the essence of life. Increasingly, corporations have taken over agriculture...

Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank 2-Pack

First Program: What's the Matter with the Democratic Party? Franklin Delano Roosevelt must be flipping in his grave as many of his cherished New Deal programs have come under assault from...

Camara Phyllis Jones
Black Women of Power 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: Camara Phyllis Jones – Race & Health For more than a year the public was complaining about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The water was so...

Michael Parenti
Michael Parenti Triple Header

First Program: Fascism: The False Revolution Fascism is being mentioned more and more in the context of U.S. and European elections. It is a term that is bandied about often...

Peter Neill
Peter Neill Water 2-Pack

First program: Peter Neill - Water is Life In Cochabamba, Bolivia people rose up against the privatization of water. They marched and chanted El Agua es Vida, Water is Life. They drove...

Howard Zinn, David Barsamian
Original Zinn: The Tapes

This powerful collection of AR programs and never-aired exclusives makes up the complete source material for the Howard Zinn & David Barsamian book Original Zinn, available in paperback from AR....

Baker's Dozen Environmental Programs Package

13 programs (Summer 2016 Special Offer) Naomi Klein – The Radical Leap Tim Flannery – Solutions to the Climate Crisis Christian Parenti – Climate Crisis Bill McKibben – Breaking Away...

Cornel West
Love & Freedom 2-Pack

2 CDs On the Road to Freedom Juneteenth is the oldest commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. June 19th is recognized as African American Emancipation Day...

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