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Discounted Multipacks

Noam Chomsky
Chomsky Triple Header

3 CDs First Program Turkey in the Middle East Turkey threatens and jails journalists and dissidents. It bombs the Kurds. Chomsky has sharp criticisms of the autocratic regime of Turkish...

Richard Levins
Levins-Chomsky 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: Ecology of Capitalism The logic of global capitalism is destroying the planet. It puts profits over the welfare of people and excessive production over ecological sustainability....

Vandana Shiva
Best of Vandana Shiva 3-Pack

3 CDS Vandana Shiva – We Are All Seeds Seeds, those little things we kind of take for granted, are the essence of life. Increasingly, corporations have taken over agriculture...

Richard Falk
U.S. in the Middle East 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: American Imperialism in the Middle East Just a few years ago to use the word imperialism to describe the U.S. would have automatically branded you as a...

Tom Mayer
Imperialism 2-Pack

First Program: Tom Mayer - Is the U.S. an Imperialist Nation? Imperialism derives from the Latin, imperium, which means to rule over large territories. Historically it has taken many shapes and forms....

Alan Maass
The Case for Socialism + Ecology & Socialism

First Program: Alan Maass - The Case for Socialism Socialism is a political philosophy with a singular approach to structuring the economy. In the U.S, little is actually known about...

Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky 2015 6-Pack

7 CDs First program: It's in Your Hands An effective propaganda system encourages people to be discouraged. Hey! Worry about the Kardashian’s latest news. Leave the complicated matters of domestic and...

Camara Phyllis Jones
Black Women of Power 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: Camara Phyllis Jones – Race & Health For more than a year the public was complaining about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The water was so...

Thomas Linzey
Local Community Governance 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program – Thomas Linzey – Local Community Self-Governance Alexis De Tocqueville, in his classic account of his visit to the relatively new country of the United States, was...

Manning Marable
Brother Malcolm 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X The singular voice of Malcolm X speaks today to more people than ever before. He endures as a powerful and inspirational...

Dave Zirin
Dave Zirin 2-Pack

2 CDS First Program: Racism, Resistance & Black Athletes In the wake of a rising number of racist incidents at the University of Missouri, nicknamed Mizzou, black athletes threatened to...

Martin Luther King Jr.
MLK 2-Pack

2 CDs First program: Beyond Vietnam August 28th marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s  “I Have a Dream” speech. It will be aired over...

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