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John Nichols
Dollarocracy Action 3-Pack

3 CDs First program: Robert McChesney & John Nichols - Dollarocracy Dollarocracy: a system of government where private wealth determines political outcomes. Sound at all familiar? The corruption bred by...

Mohammed Yunis
Micro Credit

No description available

Bill Schaap
CIA Covert Operations

No description available

Martin Espada
Remembering Well & Raising Hell

If you’d ask most people, they’d rather stay at home and watch a Seinfeld rerun than go to a poetry reading. Yet almost imperceptibly poetry enriches our lives and generates...  

Richard Falk
Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories

Richard Falk delivers the 10th Annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture. Since Edward Said’s death in 2003 a number of institutions (University of Adelaide, Warwick University, Columbia University, American University of Cairo,...

Sandra Steingraber
Two Hours With Sandra

2 CDs First program: Contamination Without Consent When faced with injustice what options are open to people? Turn away and ignore it or confront it? The destruction of the environment...

Noam Chomsky
Power Systems Do Not Give Gifts

2 CDs Each February Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian visit the Harvard Trade Union program for a talk with trade unionists. Each year there is an extended interview that follows...

Noam Chomsky
ZMI 1998

2 CDs For several years each June, at Woods Hole on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the Z Media Institute (ZMI) was convened by Z Magazine to bring together media activists...

Rahul Mahajan
India Politics 2-Pack

2 CDs First program: Rahul Mahajan & Snehal Shingavi - The Rise of the Hindu Right in India A constellation of Hindu fundamentalist organizations are threatening to shatter the image...

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