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Latest Programs

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
The Other Side of Thanksgiving

The historical lens through which national holidays are viewed is often blurred and distorted. Thanksgiving is a case in point. The much-revered Pilgrims fresh off the Mayflower sat down and...  

Vandana Shiva
The Recovery of the Commons

It is almost a given that the industrialized countries, the North, are the epitome of progress and wisdom. The South, the Third World, is a place of backwardness and ignorance,...

Greg Grandin

At age 92, Henry Kissinger is a legend. Over decades, he has assiduously cultivated and constructed the image of the sagacious elder statesman. Corporate journalists hang on his every word....  

Ali Abunimah
Justice in Palestine

The level of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian issue is quite extensive. Israel is a strategic ally of the U.S. and a military and economic power in...  

Edward Said
Culture & Imperialism

Imperial power is constructed on a bedrock not only of force but of culture as well. Culture provides the crucial underpinning, justification and validation of empire. Its crudest manifestation is...  

Katha Pollitt
The Fate of Legal Abortion

There are few issues more divisive than abortion. Vitriolic rhetoric denouncing Planned Parenthood is part of a larger agenda: eliminating legal access to abortion. The historic 1973 Roe v. Wade...

Osagyefo Sekou
Faith, Ferguson & Nonviolent Resistance

Fifty years after the Watts uprising in LA what has changed in terms of institutional racism? The supposed post-racial U.S. ushered in by the election of Barak Obama as president...  

Chris Hedges
Extraction Industries & Sexploitation

The scourge of male violence against women will not end if we dismantle the forces of global capitalism. The scourge of male violence exists independently of capitalism, empire and colonialism....  

David Korten
A New Story

Since the beginning of time people have been telling stories from Gilgamesh in Iraq to The Odyssey in Greece. These tales convey lessons and societal values and warnings about arrogance....  

Tom Hayden
A Global Warning

The winds of political change blow from all directions. For many decades they’ve blown hardest from the Right – a corporate-friendly, conservative agenda involving endless war and military spending and...  

Deepa Kumar
Imperialist Feminism

When you hear imperialists making claims about their concerns for women’s rights then you know something is really rotten in Denmark. The plight of women has historically been mobilized to suit...  

Idrees Ahmad
ISIS, Syria & Journalism

Ever since the uprising against the Assad regime in Syria began in 2011 the country and its people have endured one horror after another. The carnage has led to not...  

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