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Latest Programs

Nader Hashemi
The Broken Politics of the Middle East

From Yemen to Iraq and from Libya to Syria, the Middle East is drenched in chaos and violence. The bright promises of the Arab Spring uprisings have disappeared into a...  

John Kiriakou
The War on Whistleblowers

As Voltaire once said, “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” States don’t like to be called out on their crimes. Silence is strongly preferred. Fall...  

Rami Khouri
Arab Jails & American Jets

The book The Management of Savagery is a teaching manual of the so-called Islamic State, aka ISIS. It defines the techniques of deploying terror. The book outlines how a group...  

Bill McKibben
Breaking Away from Fossil Fuels

For decades we have been hooked on fossil fuels. Time is long past for humankind to kick this habit. The Paris climate accord, signed with much hoopla by 175 countries,...  

Thomas Frank
Hey Liberal, Listen Up

The ironies, agonies and hypocrisies in the U.S. political system are in high-relief during a presidential election year. The role of big money undermines the integrity of one person, one vote. The...  

Noam Chomsky
Toward a Better Society

I’m often asked about Noam Chomsky. How did I connect with the legendary MIT professor? Very simply, I wrote him a letter around 1980 and to my surprise he responded....  

Richard Levins
Ecology of Capitalism

The logic of global capitalism is destroying the planet. It puts profits over the welfare of people and excessive production over ecological sustainability. Massive protests against powerful institutions like the...

Vandana Shiva
We Are All Seeds

Seeds, those little things we kind of take for granted, are the essence of life. Increasingly, corporations have taken over agriculture and in their insatiable quest for profits have injected...  

Richard Falk
U.S. Special Relationships in the Middle East

U.S. policy in the Middle East has for decades pivoted on two countries: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Washington is the guarantor of both states. They are heavily armed by the...  

Tom Mayer
Is the U.S. an Imperialist Nation?

Imperialism derives from the Latin, imperium, which means to rule over large territories. Historically it has taken many shapes and forms. From the Assyrians to the Greeks to the British...  

Alan Maass
The Case for Socialism

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has injected the term socialism into the political discourse. While calling himself a democratic socialist, Sanders is much closer to a traditional New Deal liberal....  

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Black Lives Matter

The Black Panther Party was founded fifty years ago. It did much to raise consciousness and pride among African-Americans. It was seen as a threat by the establishment and was...  

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