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Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is a world-renowned writer and global justice activist. The New York Times calls her, "India's most impassioned critic of globalization and American influence." Among her many honors are the Lannan Foundation's Cultural Freedom Award and the Sydney Peace Prize. She is the author of many books including The God of Small Things, The Checkbook & the Cruise Missile, Field Notes on Democracy, Walking with the Comrades and Capitalism A Ghost Story. Her introductory essay to B.R. Ambedkar's Annihilation of Caste is "The Doctor and the Saint."

Programs Featuring Arundhati Roy

Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
2001: 02/15 #ROYA001 A Writer's Place in Politics  
2013: 03/01 #ROYA020-ROYA018 Arundhati Roy 2-Pack  
2007: 12/29 #ROYA011 Brave New India: Uprisings  
2012: 03/05 #ROYA016 Capitalism: A Ghost Story   )
- #ROYA016-ROYA017 Capitalism: A Ghost Story + India: The World's Largest Democracy  
2003: 01/28 #ROYA005 Confronting Empire  
2014: 04/02 #ROYA020 Gandhi & Caste   )
2002: 09/18 #ROYA003 Globalization and Terrorism   )
2003: 05/13 #ROYA004 Imperial Democracy  
2002: 09/18 #ROYA-ZINH001 In Conversation  
2010: 04/01 #ROYA013 India: Field Notes on Democracy   )
2011: 11/20 #ROYA017 India: The World's Largest Democracy  
- #MISP001-CHAA001-JUNM001-ROYA014 Kashmir 4-Pack  
2004: 08/16 #ROYA008 Public Power in the Age of Empire   )
2013: 03/18 #ROYA018 Reimagining the World   )
2011: 02/21 #ROYA014 Revolts and Rebellions   )
2004: 08/17 #ROYA009 Seize the Time!   )
- #ROYA018-ROYA016 Standing Room Only 2-Pack  
2009: 01/01 #ROYA012 Terrorism: No Easy Answers  
2004: 11/03 #ROYA010 The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile   )
2001: 02/16 #ROYA002 The God of Small Things  
2003: 05/26 #ROYA007 The LA Interviews  
2002: 11/23 #ROYA006 The New Delhi Interviews  
2011: 11/09 #ROYA015 With the Maoists in India   )
2013: 03/17 #ROYA019 Women & Resistance   )
2006: 05/21 #ROYA-GALE001 Writers and Resistance