Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich is a social critic, journalist, and activist.  She received a PhD in cell biology from Rockefeller University. In the 1970’s, she was involved with the nascent women’s health movement. After publishing an article in Ms magazine, she became a regular columnist there and with Mother Jones. She is the author of numerous books including such bestsellers as Nickel and Dimed, Bait and Switch, This Land is Their Land and Bright-Sided. In 2012 she founded the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, a website designed to place the crisis of poverty and economic insecurity at the center of the national political conversation.

Programs Featuring Barbara Ehrenreich

Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
1999: 04/09 #CHON-EHRB-DYSM001 1999 Socialist Scholars Conference  
1995: 09/22 #EHRB007 A Progressive Vision for Social Change  
1993: 12/07 #EHRB003 Feminism in the '90s  
- #EHRB010-COLC003-STIJ004 Inequality 3-Pack  
2013: 03/13 #EHRB010 Kicking People When They're Down   )
1995: 06/17 #EHRB006 Militias and the Shift to the Right  
2000: 10/11 #EHRB009 Nickel & Dimed: Women, Welfare & Work  
1991: 11/02 #EHRB002 Political Correctness  
1997: 04/14 #EHRB008 The End of Caring  
1994: 12/22 #EHRB005 The Welfare Debate  
1994: 06/07 #EHRB004 Trash Media: The Tabloidization of the News  
1991: 04/12 #EHRB001 Violence and Militarism