David Suzuki

David Suzuki, Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, is a leading environmentalist and science educator. He is a Companion of the Order of Canada and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science. He is the host of the long-running CBC-TV program The Nature of Things. He is the author of more than fifty books, including The Sacred Balance and Everything Under the Sun.

Programs Featuring David Suzuki

Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
2012: 11/07 #SUZD003 A Radical Environmental Paradigm   )
2009: 04/08 #SUZD001 Betraying Nature  
2012: 11/07 #SUZD003-SUZD002 Suzuki 2-Pack  
2012: 11/07 #SUZD002 The Nature of Things   )
- #SUZD002-SUZD001 The Nature of Things + Betraying Nature