Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein of Canada is an award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker. Her articles appear in major newspapers and magazines all over the world. She is the author of the bestsellers No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything.

Programs Featuring Naomi Klein

Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
2014: 09/28 #KLEN005 Capitalism vs. the Climate   )
- #KLEN005-BRUM001 Capitalism vs. the Climate + Clean Energy Victories  
2004: 11/24 #KLEN003 Debacle In Iraq   )
2003: 10/09 #KLEN002 Economic Warfare: From Argentina to Iraq  
- #KLEN004-EHRB010 Holiday Programs 2-Pack  
2000: 10/13 #KLEN001 No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies  
2007: 09/05 #KLEN004 The Shock Doctrine   )