We have no underwriters, government grants or advertising income. Radio stations receive our programming free of charge. We have no T-shirts, coffee mugs or refrigerator magnets. We depend upon your donations, subscriptions, and program purchases to keep the lights on at AR.

If the gift is over $100 and you would like it to be tax deductible, please send a check to the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Box 1156, Boulder, CO 80306. Make it out to RMPJC and include in the memo "For AR" or otherwise indicate that you are making a donation to Alternative Radio.


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Don't miss a single AR program. Subscribe to receive our entire broadcast season - September through June. Large orders like these qualify for a 20% discount upon checkout. Many subscribers forego the discount in solidarity with the project, but that choice is up to you.

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Over 40 CDs per season. Each program and every program is mailed to you monthly via USPS.


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MP3s sent monthly via email containing a download link for our latest offerings. Easily download the MP3 files for listening on your computer, in iTunes, and on your smartphone or other mobile device.


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MP3s + Transcripts (download)

Emailed each month so you can easily download our latest programs as MP3 audio files and accompanying PDF transcripts.

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