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Journalists speak on Middle East: Robert Fisk and David Barsamian visit Fresno State, The Collegian, Sep 27, 2010

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The Pen and the Sword: Conversations with Edward Said, David Barsamian. (Haymarket Book) $15, Molossus, March 7, 2010. [Article]

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US holds a system of neo-colonial regime to rule West and South AsiaDavid Barsamian. David Barsamian Interviewed in Combat Law, July 22, 2010

AR's David Barsamian, Howard Zinn and The Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall, The New York Times, March 27, 2006.

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David Barsamian interviewing Noam Chomsky in his office at MIT, February 10, 2006

AR's David Barsamian with Media Benjamin of Code Pink at National Conference for Media Reform (May, 2005)

David Barsamian (left), Afra Jalabi (center) and Jawdat Said, prominent Syrian dissident and non-violence advocate (right). Photographed in Damascus, Syria, March 29, 2005

AR's David Barsamian, left, with London-based author and activist Tariq Ali in Santa Monica, Calif., April 2004 (Photo: Ali Ahmadpour)


Two of Alternative Radio's speakers - Arundhati Roy, left, and Howard Zinn, right, flanking AR founder David Barsamian, center, photographed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September, 2002. The occasion was presentation to Roy of the 2002 Lannan Foundation Prize for Cultural Freedom. (Photo: Don J. Usner) 


David Barsamian with Vandana Shiva -- Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2001 (Photo: Don J. Usner)

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