Local Dollars, Local Sense

Program #SHUM003. Recorded in Boulder, CO on February 02, 2012.

Audio sample:

 What do you do if you are fortunate enough to have some extra money? Stuff
it under your mattress? Invest in Wall Street? Put it in a bank? For
various reasons those may not be your best options. The economic crash and
the Occupy movement have widened the space for alternatives and new
thinking. A once fledging choice, investing locally has greatly expanded
and taken root in a variety of places. It makes sense. By making the
dollar switch to Main Street there is at least the possibility of creating
more vibrant, self-reliant communities. Local investing can be done using
a variety of approaches from cooperatives and community ownership to local
exchanges. Exploring these options is critical. The big banks and
investment firms, where most people have their money, are not overly
concerned with building community.


Michael Shuman (click to view archive)

Michael Shuman is the co-director of the Institute for Policy Studies and author of numerous books and articles on the connection between local economies and international affiars.
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