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World's Largest Democracy Bans Barsamian

Posted on September 25, 2011 6 Comments
David Barsamian, founder of Alternative Radio, was deported from India 23 Sep 2012 at 3 AM to prevent him from reporting on the situation in Kashmir and elsewhere. He has traveled to India for some 40 years and had 3 weeks of interviews scheduled there and in Kashmir.

David is back home in the World's Second Largest Democracy and has resumed his busy speaking, editing and radio production schedule. He's planning a new book with Noam Chomsky. In late October he met with Tariq Ali and in mid-November with Arundhati Roy. He says his recent interviews with Richard Wolff on the Systemic Crisis of Capitalism and with Tariq Ali on World in Crisis rank among the best he's ever done. It ranks right up there with the one with Chris Hedges: Empire Abroad, Tyranny at Home.



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Comments (6 Comments)

December 01, 2011

Hi, I would appreciate to email me the articel of David Korten, in regards of Wall Street or Common Good, thank you so much, with kindness, Mihan.

Jonas the Prophet
November 28, 2011

World’s Largest Democracy Bans Barsamian-

Well, i guess that proves that India is no longer a “democracy”, if it ever was…
Sorry you got deported david. Anyone i can contact to help plead your case?
Welcome to Bay Area.


Jonas the Prophet
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California


October 07, 2011

though i see the point dr. chithra is making and it indeed is a good one, it still doesnt absolve the indian states ban on mr. barsamian or anyone else for that matter. it highlights our governments increasing intolerance of any kind of dissent or protest and thus negates its own democracy…Baudrillard asks in one of his books ‘what is worse than terrorism’ and goes on to answer that it surely is the state that is capable of completely controlling this phenomenon and if we look at all the concessions to liberty that we are being forced to make for the sake of security then we can understand what baudrillard was saying…

October 02, 2011

Here is an article by Arundhati Roy on this issue.


And Here is the Hindi translation


October 01, 2011

This guy Barsamian, a US-born citizen, no less than Awlaki, was rightly banned from entering JKL — Jammu Kashmir Ladakh

Instead of reporting 4m JKL, Barsamian needs to focus on the disastrous military adventurism of his own US govt in the South Asia region.

Glad you were refused entry bro, you got plenty of work to do right here, stateside.
I strongly suggest you spend some time researching your US govt (and mine) and its treacherous alliances paying and training Pak’s ISI,OBL and the so-called Haqqani network. Your govt and mine paid and trained them all.
Be ethical. Don’t become an unwitting arm of your neo-imperial govt and mine — the USA.

Dr. Chithra KarunaKaran
City University of New York
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

Green Red
September 30, 2011

What do you expect. Read more Arundhati Roy and you guys will know that that biggest democracy is as f-ed up as any other democracy if not worse since, it is a double class system i.e. in addition to regular class system, they have caste system (plus spices such as treatment of some minority religions and so forth

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