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Discounted Multi-Packs

Jeremy Scahill, Abby Martin
Courageous Journalism 2-Pack

Jeremy Scahill - Journalism: Truth or Propaganda "An informed democracy will behave in a responsible fashion," said Jefferson. And what happens to democracy when one of the major pillars of...

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz 3-pack

First program: An Indigenous People's History The history of the U.S. is one of settler colonialism. The state was established on the basis of white male supremacy, slavery, land theft and...

Noam Chomsky
Chomsky on Linguistics Gold Collection

30 CDs. Programs including: Generative Grammar - 2 CDs. What is Language? - 1 CD. Pedagogy of the Oppressed - 2 CDs. Fifty Years of Linguistics at MIT - 2 CDs....

Ramzy Baroud, Miko Peled
Palestinian Narratives 2-Pack

Ramzy Baroud - Palestine: After the Last Sky Mahmoud Darwish, the national poet of Palestine in a famous couplet asks, Where should we go after the last frontiers, where should...

Alternative Radio
Israel-Palestine Backgrounder

The Israel-Palestine question is too controversial for most media organizations. But not for Alternative Radio. The following six programs aired on nearly 200 radio stations. Miko Peled - An Israeli...

Kathleen Cleaver
Three Black Panthers

3 CDs First program: Kathleen Cleaver –  State Repression of Black Panthers Of all the radical organizations in the 1960s none struck as much fear in the establishment as the Black...

Michael Parenti
Michael Parenti 3-Pack

Democracy Discussions about democracy probably start in Athens about 2500 years ago. A truism is society is democratic to the extent that its citizens play a meaningful role in managing...

African American History Baker’s Dozen Programs

James Forman, Jr. – Crime & Punishment in Black America Critics of the U.S. criminal justice system such as Michelle Alexander and Bryan Stevenson have assailed the rise of mass...

David Cay Johnston, Thomas Frank
It Can Happen Here 2-Pack

David Cay Johnston - Trump: The Age of Mendacity An ultra-rich New York real estate tycoon and celebrity TV star is the 45th president of the United States. He puts...

Richard Wolff
Wolff Three Pack

 First program: Cutting Corporate Taxes Corporations are riding high in the saddle. With their friends in Washington they are raking it in. That certainly is the case with the tax law...

Bryan Stevenson, Cara Drinan
Injustice System 2-Pack

Bryan Stevenson - Justice for Some In her bestselling book, The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander says, the huge number of people behind bars in the U.S. is “due largely to the...

Alternative Radio
The Rise of Right-Wing Power 2-Pack

Nancy McLean - Origins of Radical Right-Wing Power The history of the anti-government and anti-democratic politics that have transformed the U.S. in recent years is largely obscured from view. The radical...

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