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Discounted Multi-Packs

Alternative Radio
Iran Backgrounder 2-Pack

First Program: Iran: History & Politics -Laura Secor Iran, a country of 80 million people, strategically straddles West and South Asia. Once in Washington’s hip pocket, Iran dramatically left the U.S. orbit...

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz 2-pack

First program: An Indigenous Economic Model The existing economic system in most countries is a kind of state capitalism. It produces enormous inequalities. Its extraction practices are environmentally destructive. Perhaps indigenous...

Alternative Radio
Food for Thought Series

Gary Taubes - Sugar: How Sweet It Isn't  Sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium: backed by powerful lobbies, entrenched in our lives, and making some people very sick....

African American History Baker’s Dozen Programs

Michelle Alexander – Race & Caste in the U.S. Michelle Alexander – Incarceration Nation Amiri Baraka – Real Politics, Real Poetry Amiri Baraka – Resistance and the Arts Angela Davis...

Angela Davis
Angela Davis 3-Pack

3 CDs First Program Beginnings: Movements of Possibility In times of crisis one can simultaneously see danger and opportunity. Today there is nostalgia for an imagined past and a desire...

Alternative Radio
Immigration 2017 6-Pack

David Bacon – Migration & U.S. Policy In the wake of disastrous neo-liberal economic policies, millions of people around the world are on the move looking for work. There is...  

Martin Luther King Jr.
MLK 2-Pack

2 CDs First program: Beyond Vietnam August 28th marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King’s  “I Have a Dream” speech. It will be aired over...

Richard Wolff
Wolff Three Pack

First program: Trumponomics Trumponomics. Wall Street likes what it sees in the 45th president. The stock market is way up. The reality TV star heads up one of the most...

Medea Benjamin
Saudi-U.S. Links

2 CDs First program: Medea Benjamin – The Saudi-U.S. Sinister Alliance The Saudi-U.S. relationship takes crucial shape in 1945 when FDR meets with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, the king of...

Noam Chomsky
Best of Noam Chomsky

BEST OF CHOMSKY (6 CDS) Alternative Radio hosts over 250 Chomsky recordings. The following compilation provides the essence of Chomsky's political views.  Manufacturing Consent, January 22, 1993 Propaganda & Control...

Noam Chomsky
Chomsky 2016 Five-Pack

Hear from one of the most informed political minds of our time. This year's harvest of lectures and interviews with Noam Chomsky include the following: Utopia Elections & Voting Toward...

Sandra Steingraber
Steingraber & Hauter

2 CDs First Program: Sandra Steingraber – Contamination Without Consent When faced with injustice what options are open to people? Turn away and ignore it or confront it? The destruction...

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