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All Available CDs

Haskell Wexler, John Sayles, Kristi Jacobson, David Barsamian
Working Class Movies

Haskell Wexler recounts his experiences starting in 1946 as a filmmaker and cinematographer. “As the Cold War developed unions were decimated, all the unions that were active in favor of...

Noam Chomsky
World Bank, GATT, Free Trade

Telephone interview by David Barsamian.

Danny Kennedy
World Bank/IMF: Fifty Years Is Enough

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund together have more power to influence development in the Third World than do any other institutions on the planet. For the last...

Joseph Collins
World Hunger: Myths and Realities

The emaciated images of the hungry in Somalia, Ethiopia and the Sudan are shockingly all too familiar. But hunger is not just limited to Africa and other parts of the...

Tariq Ali
World in Crisis

2 CDs On December 17, 2010 Muhammad Bouazizi, a street vendor in a small town in Tunisia, burned himself to death. He was protesting harassment and mistreatment by state authorities....  

Noam Chomsky
World Orders

No description. Recorded at American University.

Robert McChesney
Write What We Say, Not What We Do

Seems like journalist are letting the big stories fall through the cracks. Maybe they should start with simpler questions. How about who really won the 2000 Presidential election? Or what...

Noam Chomsky
Writers & Intellectual Responsibility

No description.

Arundhati Roy, Eduardo Galeano
Writers and Resistance

Great writers, since ancient times have delivered disturbing truths to the ears of the powerful. That tradition continues to the present. Harold Pinter of Britain may be the most eminent...

Ralph Nader
WTO Debate

2 CDs The World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Seattle generated an enormous amount of media attention, controversy and some of the biggest protests in decades. WTO supporters say that...

Debu Chaudhuri
Yaman & Bageshree

Yaman, an evening melody is one of the most popular of all ragas and a Debu Chaudhuri speciality. In this recording the sitar maestro renders a delicate and detailed musical...

Howard Zinn
You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Part 1 and Part 2.

: Audio sample available

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