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Armenia: The Struggle for Justice

Program #SHAH001. Recorded in Yerevan, Armenia on June 09, 2017.

Mountainous and land-locked Armenia has had a long history but as a nation state it is rather new. Armenia declared its independence in 1991. This wide-ranging and revealing interview covers many issues facing Armenia. Left with a legacy of 70 years of Soviet rule, corruption is a major problem. The adoption of neoliberalism by elites has produced massive inequality. Oligarchs dominate the state and the economy. Unregulated mining is causing environmental damage. Water supplies are being threatened. Quality health care, extremely expensive, is available for the rich. Education? More of the same. The media parrot the government line. Patriarchy and misogyny persist. Women are seen as child producers for the defense of the nation. A decades-old conflict continues with neighboring Azerbaijan. Both that border and the one with Turkey are closed. Some Armenians, fed up with injustice, leave the country. Others, like Shahnazaryan stay and resist. Interviewed by David Barsamian


Anna Shahnazaryan

Anna Shahnazaryan is an environmental activist and a feminist based in Yerevan, Armenia.

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