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Poets are the antennae of the race (Ezra Pound). Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world (Percy Bysshe Shelly). And poetry, broadly defined contributes more to the GDP of countries than the military does. For all these reasons and more, we continue to compile recordings that feature bardic voices from the past and present.


Alternative Radio
2000 Years of Chinese Poetry

As part of AR’s World Poetry Series, David Barsamian interviewed Bill Doub, a scholar of Oriental culture and former CU professor. Doub and his wife Nancy edited the Asian Studies...

June Jordan
Childhood Memories, Poetry & Palestine

June Jordan talks about her early life and influences growing up in New York, the daughter of immigrant parents. Her mother was from Panama and her father from Jamaica. She...

Simon Ortiz
From Sand Creek & Other Poems

This is a deeply evocative program. Simon Ortiz has a captivating voice and a subtle artistic sensitivity. He talks about his background and influences that have informed his worldview, poetry...

Hafeez Ahmed Khan
Ghazal: Urdu Poetry

Recorded at a mehfil, a house concert where everyone takes their shoes off and sits on pillows and carpets. The informal atmosphere is quite different from a concert hall. In this recording,...

John Trudell
Indian Realities: Poetry and Viewpoints

Out of the thousands of FBI documents on John Trudell, the Bureau said this: “Trudell is an intelligent individual and eloquent speaker who has the ability to stimulate people into...

David Barsamian
Literature From the World of Islam

An introduction to Islamic literature, hosted by David Barsamian.  The program features English translations of poetry and prose.

John Trudell
Live in Eugene

John Trudell believes that the progression of civilization has spawned a “mining of the spirit.” Society pollutes the minds of its people with technological toxic waste. The individual is alienated...

John Trudell
Native American Poetry and Perspectives

No description.

Jorge Edwards
Neruda & Modern Latin American Literature

Pablo Neruda of Chile, 1904-1973, won the Nobel Prize in 1971. Jorge Edwards, a Chilean writer, discusses Neruda's vast literary output. Edwards, who knew Neruda, describes how his work evolved...

June Jordan
Poetry & Politics

June Jordan knows well the burdens placed upon the children of immigrants. It's part of what gave her the courage and conviction to observe the world with the unblinking eye...

Ernesto Cardenal
Poetry Reading

This program features some of Ernesto Cardenal’s most famous poems including: “The Arrival,” “Zero Hour,” Marilyn Monroe,” and “Ecology.” Some of the peoms were recorded during Cardenal’s 1985 tour of...

Gary Snyder
Poetry Reading

Gary Snyder, Ed Sanders and Nanao Sakaki at Naropa University

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