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Frankenfood: Genetically Altered Cuisine

Program #LAPM-BAIB001. Recorded in Gualala, CA on August 28, 1999.

While cloned sheep and biomedical applications of DNA technology make headlines world-wide, the genetic modification and corporate takeover of our food supply is a quiet revolution. In the U.S., genetically altered foods are exempted from normal FDA and EPA testing of their effects on human health and the environment. Complete labeling is not required. You may know the calorie and fat content of that strawberry you're eating, but does it produce its own pesticides? Does it contain the genetic material of a fish? Around the world, scientists and activists are raising concerns about the threat to our health & the environment this technology may pose. In an independent investigation, Bailey & Lappé concluded that corporate profits are considered before public health, freedom of choice or ecological stability.

Recorded at Gualala Bookstore.


Marc Lappe

Marc Lappé was a noted toxicologist and author who campaigned against the dangers posed by chemicals and GMOs. He worked with Britt Bailey at the Center for Ethics and Toxics in California. Their co-written book is Against the Grain: Biotechnology & the Corporate Takeover of Your Food. He died in May 2005.

Britt Bailey

Britt Bailey and Marc Lappé worked at the Center for Ethics and Toxics. They are the authors of Against the Grain: Biotechnology & the Corporate Takeover of Your Food. Marc Lappé died in 2005.

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