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Noam Chomsky
2012 Harvard Trade Union Program

Ever mischievous, when Chomsky saw me recording this session he said, "You're like a bad penny. You keep showing up." Ever since 1984 I've kept showing up to record him. In this...

Noam Chomsky
2014 Harvard Trade Union Program

Since the early 1990s Noam Chomsky regularly lectures at the Harvard Trade Union Program. Annually it brings together union leaders and organizers from all over the world. He answers questions...

Noam Chomsky
2015 Harvard Trade Union Program

The annual question and answer session does not disappoint. This is Chomsky at his best. In response to a question, “Is the middle class doomed?” he says, “The middle class,...

Noam Chomsky
2016 Harvard Trade Union Program

The lead news stories are clear: there is working-class anger, anxiety and rage. Working people have been taking it on the chin for decades. Wages have been flat for years....  

Noam Chomsky
2000 Harvard Trade Union Program

2 CDs In his annual presentation at the Harvard Trade Union Program, Chomsky speaks to trade union organizers from around the world, presenting an historical account of the declining power...

Noam Chomsky
2001 Harvard Trade Union Program

2 CDs The latest in a series recorded at the Harvard Trade Union Program. The ability of intellectuals and the propaganda system to avoid and miss crucial stories takes a...

Noam Chomsky
1999 Harvard Trade Union Program

Chomsky, in a great informal give-and-take with union leaders from around the world, covers topics such as Alan Greenspan, the fairy-tale economy, manufacturing consent, Internet, Boeing, crime and the drug...

Noam Chomsky
1994 Harvard Trade Union Program

Recorded at Harvard Trade Union.

: Audio sample available

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