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Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is an award-winning journalist who has covered wars in the Balkans, the Middle East and Central America. He writes a weekly column for Truthdig.com and is a senior fellow at The Nation Institute. He is the author of many books including Empire of IllusionDeath of the Liberal ClassThe World As It Is, and Wages of Rebellion.


Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
2007: 01/22 #HEDC002 American Fascists: The Radical Christian Right  
2014: 02/03 #HEDC008 Captain Ahab & U.S. Empire  
- #HEDC008-HEDC007 Captain Ahab & U.S. Empire + Corporate Coup d'Etat  
- #HEDC009-HEDC008-HEDC007 Chris Hedges 3-Pack  
- #HEDC006-HEDC005-HEDC004-HEDC3-HEDC002-HEDC001 Chris Hedges 6-Pack  
2012: 07/17 #HEDC007 Corporate Coup d'Etat  
2010: 10/15 #HEDC004 Death of the Liberal Class  
- #HEDC007-HEDC004 Death of the Liberal Class + Corporate Coup d'Etat  
2011: 05/18 #HEDC005 Empire Abroad, Tyranny at Home  
- #HEDC005-HEDC004 Empire Abroad, Tyranny at Home + Death of the Liberal Class  
2009: 07/22 #HEDC003 Empire of Illusion  
2015: 03/27 #HEDC010 Extraction Industries & Sexploitation  
- #HEDC011-PARM017 Fascism Then & Now Two-Pack  
2011: 05/17 #HEDC006 Inverted Totalitarianism  
- #HEDC006-HEDC005 Inverted Totalitarianism + Empire Abroad, Tyranny at Home  
- #FRAT004-GIRH001 Limosine Liberal 2-Pack  
2015: 03/11 #HEDC009 Moral Imperatives  
2017: 05/26 #HEDC011 Stopping Fascism  
2003: 04/21 #HEDC001 War as an Addiction  


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