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Michael Parenti

Michael Parenti is a brilliant orator and one of this country's foremost independent political analysts. He has taught at major colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. He is the author of numerous books including Democracy for the Few, The Face of Imperialism and The Assassination of Julius Caesar.


Programs Featuring Michael Parenti

Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
1993: 04/02 #PARM034 Conspiracy & Class Power  
2008: 01/17 #PARM027 Contrary Notions  
1995: 09/28 #PARM016 Costs of Empire  
1995: 09/23 #PARM017 Fascism: The False Revolution  
2001: 11/10 #PARM023 Globalization & Imperialism  
2000: 05/15 #PARM021 History as Mystery  
2003: 06/06 #PARM025 How I Became An Activist  
1990: 11/04 #PARM007 Imperialism, Drugs & Social Control  
1987: 04/20 #PARM002 Inventing Reality: The Politics of the Mass Media  
1993: 11/22 #PARM033 JFK Assassination: Gangster Nature of the State  
1990: 04/04 #PARM006 Marxism and the Crisis in Eastern Europe  
1989: 11/30 #PARM005 Media Myths and U.S. Foreign Policy  
1995: 04/04 #PARM015 Media Realities  
- #PARM017-PARM032-PARM028 Michael Parenti Triple Header  
1986: 04/09 #PARM030 Monopoly Culture and Academic Freedom  
1984: 03/14 #PARM001 Myths of U.S. Intervention/Democracy for the Few  
1988: 08/16 #PARM003 On Propaganda  
1993: 06/14 #PARM031 Political Economy of Gender Oppression  
2006: 04/09 #PARM026 Race, Gender & Class Struggle  
1990: 11/11 #PARM010 Real History: Parts 1 and 2  
1988: 08/02 #PARM004 Superpatriotism  
2003: 10/13 #PARM024 The Arrogance of Empire  
1991: 04/02 #PARM009 The Bush Wars & the New World Order  
1994: 05/11 #PARM014 The Control of History  
1997: 04/09 #PARM018 The Hidden Ideology of the Mass Media  
2009: 02/04 #PARM028 The Hypocrisies of Capitalism  
1998: 10/03 #PARM022 The Manufacture of History  
1992: 09/25 #PARM012 The Origins of Racism  
2012: 01/06 #PARM032 The Pathology of Wealth  
- #PARM032-PARM028 The Pathology of Wealth + The Hypocrisies of Capitalism  
1992: 10/23 #PARM013 The Struggle for Democracy  
1999: 01/28 #PARM019 The Sword and the Dollar  
1999: 05/16 #PARM020 The U.S. War on Yugoslavia  
1987: 04/12 #PARM029 Theocracy vs. Democracy  
1991: 11/14 #PARM011 Voodoo Economics  
1991: 01/24 #PARM008 Why Gulf War?  
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