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State of Insecurity 3-Pack

Program #CHON226-CHON224.

3 CDs

First program: Noam Chomsky - The State of Insecurity

Security, security. Can’t get enough of it. Paradoxically, the more we have of it the less secure we feel. The latest weapons and massive military spending are never enough. Since 9/11 the term is bandied about. There is the huge bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security. Within it is the TSA, with its 60,000-plus employees and a budget over $7 billion. We go through checks and searches. Then there’s the NSA surveillance. Could U.S. global policies from drone strikes to invasions actually be undermining our security? This is not a question that most media will consider much less cover. And politicians? Best not to ask. Security is not the issue. It’s really about control. We need a radical new definition of what constitutes security. It would include well-paying jobs, health care, education, affordable housing and a clean and thriving environment. 

Second program: Noam Chomsky - Power Systems Do Not Give Gifts (2 CDs)

Chomsky discusses early formative experiences and his attraction to anarchism and Rudolf Rocker. He talks about a range of issues from his first act of rebellion to Super Bowl ads to Israel. And as always deconstructing propaganda such as when he says, “Reform is like most political terms: you have to distinguish between its dictionary meaning and its meaning in political circles, where it usually means a change those in power approve of.  Changes they don’t approve of are not called reforms. In another example, he comments, “The word jobs is a euphemism for an obscene seven-letter word politicians and corporations won’t pronounce. They can’t say profits, so they tell us it’s because they care so much about working people that we have to keep using fossil fuels at a rate that endangers humanity’s future.” Interview with David Barsamian.


Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, by any measure, has led a most extraordinary life. In one index he is ranked as the eighth most cited person in history, right up there with Aristotle, Shakespeare, Marx, Plato and Freud. The legendary MIT professor practically invented modern linguistics. In addition to his pioneering work in that field he has been a leading voice for peace and social justice for many decades. Chris Hedges says he is “America’s greatest intellectual” who “makes the powerful, as well as their liberal apologists, deeply uncomfortable.” He is Institute Professor (emeritus) in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT and Laureate Professor of Linguistics and Haury Chair in the Program in Environment and Social Justice at the University of Arizona. At 90, he still gives lectures all over the world. He is the author of scores of books, including Propaganda & the Public Mind, How the World WorksPower Systems and Global Discontents with David Barsamian.

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