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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader, a legendary figure, has spent a lifetime fighting on behalf of ordinary people. Life magazine ranked him as one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century. The Atlantic named him one of the hundred most influential figures in U.S. history. Founder of Public Citizen, he is a long-time advocate for consumer safety and workers' rights. He rose to fame in the 1960s when he took on General Motors and its unsafe Corvair car. His 1965 book Unsafe At Any Speed not only created a sensation but also was instrumental in the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. His efforts helped create the Environmental Protection Agency. He has exposed the misdeeds of the corporate sector as well as of the political system. In recent years he has led the struggles around NAFTA, the WTO, corporate welfare, and single payer health care. He is the author numerous books including Breaking Through Power, To the Ramparts and How the Rats Re-Formed Congress.


Date Recorded     Handle Program Title Audio Sample?    
1996: 08/19 #NADR005 Beyond Politics as Usual  
2000: 03/04 #NADR011 Challenging the Duopoly  
2018: 08/15 #NADR020 Citizen Action: It's Easier than We Think, Pt 1 & 2  
1996: 08/20 #NADR007 Citizen Nader  
2002: 07/04 #NADR015 Corporate Crime Wave  
1994: 09/01 #NADR003 Corporate Power: Profits Before People  
2002: 01/23 #NADR014 Crashing the Party  
1992: 01/15 #NADR001 Dissolving Plutocracy  
1994: 02/28 #NADR002 GATT: Global Corporation  
2018: 09/23 #NADR021 Land of the Lawless  
- #NADR020-NADR019-NADR018 Latest Nader 5-Pack  
2009: 04/17 #NADR016 Obama's Achilles Heel  
2000: 09/10 #NADR013 On the Campaign Trail  
2016: 08/02 #NADR018 Progressive Matters  
1998: 06/20 #NADR009 Renewable Energy  
2000: 02/23 #NADR010 Run Ralph, Really Run  
2016: 05/26 #NADR019 Sovereignty of the People  
1998: 03/31 #NADR008 The Diversion of Discontent  
1996: 08/20 #NADR006 The Future of Public Interest Law  
2009: 04/16 #NADR017 The Politics of Health Care  
2000: 06/23 #NADR012 Toward a Green White House  
1995: 12/08 #NADR004 Washington Rules  
1999: 11/30 #NADR-ETAL001 WTO Debate  


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