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Earth Democracy

Program #SHIV009. Recorded in Sydney, Australia on October 20, 2003.

Audio sample:

Advocates of corporate driven globalization are like the missionaries of old. Convinced of their righteousness, they are full of good intentions to save the world. Instead of bibles they are waving so-called free trade agreements. The gospel they preach is, Open your markets. Let us in. A recent UN study unequivocally states that globalization is creating a growing divide between rich and poor countries. Farmers in the developing world are particularly hard hit. They are facing not only having to compete with subsidized grain from the U.S. but also American corporations like Monsanto coming in and literally patenting their seeds. The planet is fast moving toward a choice-continue with rapacious predatory capitalism or develop a system of cooperation and collective action that protects the environment and prioritizes people before profits.

The Templeton Lecture recorded at the University of Sydney.


Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is an internationally renowned voice for sustainable development and social justice. She's a physicist, scholar, social activist and feminist. She is Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi. She's the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and of the Right Livelihood Award, the alternative Nobel Prize. She is the author of many books, including Water Wars, Earth Democracy, Soil Not Oil and Making Peace with the Earth. She is the editor of the book Seed Sovereignty, Food Security.

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