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Staff Favorites

Michael Eric Dyson
Dr. King and the American Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr has been branded and packaged. The sharp edge has been largely replaced with a dull and unthreatening one. King moved way beyond his poetic "I...

Amiri Baraka
Real Politics, Real Poetry

The role of creative people in society has long been debated. Should they focus on their art and stay away from politics? Poets, writers, painters, filmmakers, musicians, artists in general...  

Stephen Bezruchka
Health Care Inequalities

First program: In Sickness & in Wealth Income and wealth inequalities have huge health impacts. What are the health advantages of being rich as compared to being poor? You’ll live...

Russell Means
Knowing Who You Are: Lessons from Native America

For years the indigenous peoples of the U.S., after having been dispersed and decimated and relegated to reservations, were reduced to caricatures. We all knew Indians and their culture. There...  

John Stockwell
The Dark Side of United States Foreign Policy

2 CDs In one of AR’s earliest and greatest hits, veteran CIA agent, John Stockwell turns on the klieg lights to illuminate the dark side of Washington’s policies. He takes...

Jack Shaheen
Reel Bad Arabs

Hollywood is good at stereotypes. Simple struggles of good versus evil, heroes against villains, can be a safe bet for box office success. Those stereotypes can have strong impact in...  

Noam Chomsky
Creeping Fascism

This is one of those “must haves.” In this detailed and heavily documented talk, Chomsky illustrates how imperial U.S. foreign policy, the national security apparatus and a state capitalist economic...

Naomi Klein
The Radical Leap

Political organizers are aware of “wedge issues” that divide us and “web issues” that bring us together. What could be more unifying than saving the planet? The Earth is heating...  

Araxie Barsamian, Robert Fisk
The Armenian Holocaust

In 1915, the Turkish government launched a premeditated organized campaign to eliminate the millennia-old Armenian people from their traditional homeland in what is now southeastern Turkey. The Turkish officials responsible...

Barbara Trent
The Making of The Panama Deception

In December 1989, just a month after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the U.S. invaded Panama. It was called Operation Just Cause. The Bush Administration cited "the inherent right...

Howard Zinn
Three Holy Wars

The conventional view of U.S. wars follows a formulaic line: We are innocent victims of unprovoked attacks. The sleeping giant wakes and reluctantly goes to fight. All military action is...

Glenn Greenwald
Shredding the Constitution

The Constitution is often referred to in reverential, almost sacred terms. Its framers too are endowed with near holy qualities. Politicians vie with one another as they pay lip service...  

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