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# Program Code Speaker(s) Program Title Y
1 ABUM002 Mumia Abu-Jamal A Case for Reasonable Doubt -
2 FRIR001 Robert Friedman A Case of Censorship on NPR's Fresh Air 1993
3 CHON-SILJ001 Noam Chomsky, John Silber Aid to the Nicaraguan Contras 1986
4 SHIV004 Vandana Shiva Democracy & Biodiversity 1997
5 BRIE001 Elaine Briere East Timor: The Tragedy Continues 1992
6 CALH006 Helen Caldicott Ecology & the Human Spirit 1997
7 DAWK005 Kristin Dawkins Free Trade for Whom? 1998
8 RITM001 Mark Ritchie Free Trade vs. Fair Trade 1994
9 BREJ001 Jeremy Brecher Globalization: The Race to the Bottom 1995
10 CHON055 Noam Chomsky Gulf, Israel, the Press, Anti-Semitism, etc. 1990
11 PARR001 Robert Parry Iran/Contra Scandal, Colin Powell, and Cover-ups 1995
12 HIGJ003 Jim Hightower Let's Fight the Bastards 1998
13 CHON157 Noam Chomsky Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies 2000
14 BARD-HIGJ001 David Barsamian, Jim Hightower Live on Hightower's Chat 'n Chew 1998
15 EHRB011 Barbara Ehrenreich Maid to Order 2000
16 DORA001 Ariel Dorfman Masks & Realities 1988
17 COOM001 Marc Cooper Media and Politics 1994
18 CHON069 Noam Chomsky Media Control in Democracy 1991
19 HIGJ001 Jim Hightower Money & Politics 1996
20 CRIB001 Bernard Crick On George Orwell 1984
21 NADR013 Ralph Nader On the Campaign Trail 2000
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