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Written by AR people

David Barsamian [speaks] on the movie The Battle of Algiers, by Joe Richey, The Boulder Reporter, Jan 14, 2010

Vandana Shiva on Gandhi for Today's World
Interview by David Barsamian
7 Jul 2009
[Yes! article]

David Barsamian Interviews Vandana Shiva
India: States of Resistance, ISR Review
[New Delhi, December 2007

P. Sainath Interviewed by David Barsamian
[Journalism That Matters (pdf)

Conversation on Kashmir with Arundhati Roy and David Barsamian
[National Radio Project

Khatchig Mouradian interviews Arundhati Roy

David featured in Colorado Nexus
[Nexus, Jan 2009

Laura Flanders Live From Main Street Denver Edition 
[David Barsamian in Panel Discussion, August 2008

Targeting Iran : Reflections on Revolution 
[Book Review, Hour, June 2008
Article: Our Collective Oblivian 
[The New Mexican, June 2008

Article: Host Broadcasts from the Left of Mainstream
[Albuquerque Journal, June 2008

Article: Pakistan After Benazir, by David Barsamian
The Diplomatist
[India, April 2008

Interview with David Barsamian
The Source Weekly
[Bend, OR May 2008

Interview with David Barsamian
[New Delhi, April 2008

Review of Targeting Iran
Against The Current Magazine
[April 2008

Imperial Ambitions Book Review, Combat Law
Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian
[July 2006

Article from Dawn
US Media Creating Biased History : David Barsamian
[31 March 2008

Article from Kashmir Newz
China supports US war on Iraq : David Barsamian
[30 December 2007

Article from Greater Kashmir
Srinagar: Don't surrender even if state blocks all avenues of justice
[30 December 2007

Article from "The Dawn"
Karachi: You Can't Deliver Democracy from an F-16
[5 December 2007

Alternative Radio Host a Hit in Pakistan 
Cool Justice Blog
[5 December 2007

Article in "The News"
David Barsamian at The Second Floor, Pakistan
[3 December 2007

Article in "Daily Times"
David Barsamian at The Second Floor, Pakistan
[3 December 2007

Article in "The News"
David Barsamian at the Karachi Press Club, Pakistan
[4 December 2007

David Barsamian and Dahr Jamail in Conversation: Iraq, Iran and Pakistan 
Benefit for Making Contact
[10 November 2007

David Barsamian 
Interview, University of Washington
[October 2007

David Barsamian 
The Daily Banter Interview
[October 24, 2007

David Barsamian 
David Barsamian Interviews Noam Chomsky - The Daily Banter
[October 1, 2007

"Media Lapdogs" Article by David Barsamian

"Collateral Language" Noam Chomsky interviewed by David Barsamian on Znet (link to external website)

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