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Invite David to Speak

David Barsamian travels extensively to give public talks. He is available to speak on such topics as: the media, propaganda, war, U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, South Asia, and imperialism.

You can watch and listen to many of his talks on the free audio/video page.

Contact us about having David Barsamian speak to your group. His honorarium starts at $1,000. View his upcoming travel schedule here.

From a Barsamian talk attendee:

"I have to admit that at the time I was unaware of your radio program, had never read any of the publications you brought with you, and had never even heard of Chomsky. After walking away from your lecture that day, I decided to put some things you said to heart. I sought out alternative sources of information; I subscribed to a couple of the magazines you suggested; I tuned in to Alternative Radio; I read some Chomsky, Cockburn, Lindorff, and more. It's funny, but in that one powerful hour that you spoke, you started a chain reaction that eventually transformed my whole approach to politics, economics—heck, life in general. Sounds extreme, I know, but its true."
-- B.C., Berkeley, CA
Students in a University of Colorado class on democracy:

"You really opened my mind to new issues."
-- Danny

"Thank you for the enlightenment."
-- Cortney

"I was very intrigued by your views on media and how it portrays this country to its people. You also remind me of Al Pacino."
-- Nick

"You're crazy man, but I like you."
-- Cameron
Fellow presenter at the Social Justice, Real Justice Conference:

"I learnt a lot from your talk and you are hella witty and engaging!"
-- Harsha Walia, author of Undoing Border Imperialism

"On behalf of myself and all of KEPW, I want to thank you for another dynamite talk! We raised quite a bit of money
--Andy of KPEW
AR Listener:

"AR is changing our life and it's changing the pulse of the country. It's so important. I said yes about 100 times during your interview with David Suzuki. When will we wake up to climate change?"
-- Dan, New Paltz
AR Listener:

"Always enjoy your talks, David. And now, finally, there’s a constituency for Leftist commentary here in Yerevan! Your presence here is a big plus."
-- Antranig, Yerevan, Armenia
AR Listener:

"I attended your talk about Iran last week in Yerevan.It was such pleasure to meet you in person and have this great opportunity to be part of such eye opening and informative event. I just wanted to thank you again."
-- Annie, Yerevan, Armenia
AR Listener:

"Thank YOU! I liked your talk very much. You say fascinating things. I could listen to you for many hours. And I always like hearing history within your talks. I'm trying to remind myself to look up the Balfour Declaration for instance."
-- Sarah, Fort Collins, Colorado
AR Listener:

"You are still my hero, with your tireless schedule and astonishing output of brilliant programs and writings. The rest of us get old and tired, and you seem to have more energy every year"
--Stephanie, Washington
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