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Program Code Speaker(s) Program Title Y
SHAH001 Anna Shahnazaryan Armenia: The Struggle for Justice 2017
BERC003 Chip Berlet Mobilizing Resentment 2003
PARM034 Michael Parenti Conspiracy & Class Power 1993
WESC002 Cornel West The Radical Democratic Tradition 1995
HEDC011 Chris Hedges Stopping Fascism 2017
HACR001 Robert Hackett Climate Change & the Media 2017
FRAT006 Thomas Frank The Country that Voted for Trump 2017
BLUM002 Max Blumenthal Palestine: 50 Years of Occupation 2017
PAGC001 Camille Paglia Free Women! Free Men! 2017
RASM001 Madawi Al-Rasheed Saudi Arabia: History & Politics 2017
SAWK001 Kshama Sawant What It Takes to Win 2017
BARD008 David Barsamian Resistance in the Age of Trump 2017
PARM033 Michael Parenti JFK Assassination & the Gangster State 1993
CHON022 Noam Chomsky The Lessons of Vietnam 1985
GARS003 Sender Garlin The Real Mother Jones 1994
GARS004 Sender Garlin Clarence Darrow 1985
ZINH002 Howard Zinn History & Politics 1988
CULT068 Ravi Shankar India's Great Sitarist in Concert 1976
GARS001 Sender Garlin The Life and Times of Joe Hill 1984
CHON249 Noam Chomsky On Power & Ideology 2016
BARD007 David Barsamian 14th Annual State of the World Address 2016
NAVV001 Victor Navasky Naming Names: The Hollywood Blacklist 1982
PARM030 Michael Parenti Monopoly Culture and Academic Freedom 1986
SAIE014 Edward Said Historical Experiences with Multiculturalism 1993
CULT003 Various John Galm: Cuban and Brazilian Music 1982
WESC007 Cornel West On the Road to Freedom 2016
BOOK-NEIP001 Peter Neill The Once and Future Ocean
BERD001 Daniel Berrigan Faithful Peacemaking in a War-Making State 2003
KLEN007 Naomi Klein The Radical Leap 2016
CHON245 Noam Chomsky Chomsky 87th Birthday Interview 2015
CHON244 Noam Chomsky The Nature of Capitalism 2015
CHON011 Noam Chomsky Deciphering Foreign Policy 1985
COCA002 Alexander Cockburn Editing the World 1988
BARD005 David Barsamian Barsamian/Kronos Quartet in Concert 2014
LAPF001 Frances Moore Lappe Living Democracy 1991
HEDC010 Chris Hedges Extraction Industries & Sexploitation 2015
MEAR002 Russell Means Welcome to the Reservation 1992
CHON238 Noam Chomsky Living Memory 2015
CHON236 Noam Chomsky Israel on the Road to Self-Destruction 2014
EHRB006 Barbara Ehrenreich Militias & the Shift to the Right 1995
CULT051 Howard Zinn Marx in Soho 2000
CHON231 Noam Chomsky Decoding U.S. Propaganda 2014
MAZA001 Ali Mazrui Afrocentricity & Multiculturalism 1992
ZINH-HAAR001 Howard Zinn, Richard Haass Debate on the CIA 1990
XMAL002 Malcolm X America's Race Problem 1963
THOC001 Clayton Thomas-Muller Idle No More 2013
CHON229 Noam Chomsky Occupy Boston 2011
RASA002 Ahmed Rashid Afghanistan & Pakistan: Countries in Crisis 2004
CHON-DERA001 Noam Chomsky, Alan Dershowitz Debate on Israel/Palestine 2005
HOFA001 Abbie Hoffman An Evening With Abbie Hoffman 1988
CHON224 Noam Chomsky Power Systems Do Not Give Gifts 2014
LADW003 Winona LaDuke An Indigenous View of North America 1995
ZINH-TERS001 Howard Zinn, Studs Terkel An Evening with Zinn & Terkel 1998
ROYA009 Arundhati Roy Seize the Time! 2004
SHAJ002 Jack Shaheen Reel Bad Arabs 2002
SAYJ001 John Sayles Politics & Film 2004
STOI001 I. F. Stone Radical Journalism 1987
BERB003 Barbara Bernstein Rivers That Were -
RATW001 William Rathje Rubbish: What Garbage Tells Us About Ourselves 1992
TERS002 Studs Terkel Telling It Like It Is 1998
KWIJ001 Jonathan Kwitny PBS & NPR Narrow the Debate 1990
SAIE029 Edward Said At the Rendezvous of Victory 2003
ZINH020 Howard Zinn The Future of History 1998
SIMC001 Christopher Simpson Science of Coercion: Psychological Warfare 1994
CHON223 Noam Chomsky Corporatization of the University 2013
ROSL002 Loretta Ross The Global Women's Movement 1998
BRUD001 Dennis Brutus South Africa: Transition to Freedom? 1993
GUIL002 Lani Guinier Educational Opportunity & Democracy 1998
KOZJ002 Jonathan Kozol Race & Class in Public Education 1997
CHON-LING019 Noam Chomsky Generative Grammar 2013
LINT002 Thomas Linzey Q&A with Citizens Opposed to Fracking 2013
KHOR004 Rami Khouri Mohamed Bouazizi & the Arab Revolts 2013
BARD004 David Barsamian Israel, the U.S. & Mideast Policy 2013
CHON-LING018 Noam Chomsky What is Language? 2013
CHON221 Noam Chomsky State Spying & Other Matters 2013
CHON-DAVA001 Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis Radical Futures 2012
SHIV019 Vandana Shiva The Illusion of Growth 2013
CHON-LING017 Noam Chomsky Pedagogy of the Oppressed 2013
BARD002 David Barsamian I Have a Drone 2013
KOZJ001 Jonathan Kozol Savage Inequalities: Race and Schools 1991
GYAT001 Tenzin Gyatso The Path to Peace in Global Society 2013
ZINH027-ZINH028-ZINH029-ZINH032-ZINH033-ZINH034-ZINH035 Howard Zinn, David Barsamian Original Zinn: The Tapes -
CULT018 Begum Akhtar In Pakistan -
CHON220 Noam Chomsky Radical Intellectuals 2010
MOOM002 Michael Moore Humor & Progressive Politics 1996
RIFJ001 Jeremy Rifkin Genetic Engineering 2000
FADM002 Mohammad Fadel Interview 2013
CHON139 Noam Chomsky Understanding Ourselves 1997
MOOM001 Michael Moore Downsize This! 1996
JAYS001 Saru Jayaraman Behind the Kitchen Door 2013
DORA002 Ariel Dorfman An Evening of Literature & Politics 1990
DINJ001 John Dinges Reagan's Wars in Central America 1982
CHON-LING016 Noam Chomsky Fifty Years of Linguistics at MIT 2013
WILD001 David Wilson Return to the Nuclear Crossroads: Resistance at Rocky Flats -
MARM009 Manning Marable On Du Bois, King & Gramsci 2001
FALR002 Richard Falk Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories 2014
CHON105 Noam Chomsky The 21st Century: Democracy or Absolutism 1994
SCHB001 Bill Schaap CIA Covert Operations 1988
BREM001 Marc Breslow Devolution: Right-Wing Economics 1996
CULT020 Ravi Shankar Interview 1980
CHON058 Noam Chomsky The Cold War: Fact and Fancy 1991
CHON060 Noam Chomsky The Gulf War and the New World Order 1991
CHON132 Noam Chomsky 1996 Z Media Institute Seminar 1996
CHON134 Noam Chomsky The Common Good 1997
HERS003 Seymour Hersh From 9/11 to Abu Ghraib 2004
CHON137 Noam Chomsky The Triumph of the Market 1997
CHON138 Noam Chomsky The U.S. & Israel Strategic Alliance 1997
CHON146 Noam Chomsky The Framework of U.S. Global Power 1998
HERE004 Edward Herman Toward a Democratic Media 1995
BARM-LINC001 Maude Barlow, Chee Yoke Ling Corporate Designed Food 2000
BERB001 Barbara Bernstein Carefully Taught: Clashing Values in the Classroom -
BERC001 Chip Berlet Conspiracy Theories: The Right Woos the Left 1991
BERE002 Elaine Bernard Creating a New Party: Learning from Canada 1993
BONJ001 Julian Bond Civil Rights Under Attack 2003
CAVJ001 John Cavanagh Global Dreams: Imperial Corporations 1994
CAVJ002 John Cavanagh Global Economic Apartheid 1996
CHON047 Noam Chomsky Chomsky Meets the Press 1989
CHON170 Noam Chomsky Chomsky in India 2001
CHON171 Noam Chomsky Chomsky in Pakistan 2001
JORJ002 June Jordan Childhood Memories, Poetry & Palestine 2000
LADW001 Winona LaDuke From Genocide to Resistance: The Next Five Hundred Years 1992
MACD-WOLL001 David MacMichael, Louis Wolf Guns, Drugs and the CIA 1990
MARA001 Ann Markusen Dismantling the Cold War Economy 1992
MARJ001 Jonathan Marshall Cocaine Politics 1991
MCCA-ETAL001 Alfred McCoy CIA Covert Actions & Drug Trafficking 1997
MCCR003 Robert McChesney Corporate Media & the Threat to Democracy 1998
MOKR001 Russell Mokhiber Crime in the Suites 1995
MUZC001 Chandra Muzaffar Empire, Globalization & Religion 2003
NADR001 Ralph Nader Dissolving Plutocracy 1992
NADR011 Ralph Nader Challenging the Duopoly 2000
NADR014 Ralph Nader Crashing the Party 2002
NAIA002 Allan Nairn East Timor: A Case of Genocide 1994
RAMJ001 Jose Ramos-Horta East Timor, Indonesia and the United States 1997
ROEP001 Philip Roettinger CIA Coup in Guatemala 1990
ROYA005 Arundhati Roy Confronting Empire 2003
SAIE005 Edward Said Empire and Literature 1990
SCHH002 Herbert Schiller Corporate Control of Information 1993
SCOP001 Peter Dale Scott The Politics of Global Drug Trafficking 1995
SOLN001 Norman Solomon False Hope: The Politics of Clinton 1994
STIJ001 Joseph Stiglitz Globalization & Its Discontents 2002
STOJ005 John Stockwell Critique of JFK and the Kennedy Myth 1992
TRAH001 Haunani-Kay Trask Environmental Racism in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin 1993
ZINH-JAJE001 Howard Zinn, Jeff Jacoby Debate on Just War 2004
ZINH003 Howard Zinn Democracy, Dissent and Disobedience 1988
ANDA001 Adrienne Anderson Planetary Casualties: The Hidden Costs of War 2003
ARUN001 Naseer Aruri Prospects for Peace and Palestine 1993
ASHH001 Hanan Ashrawi Prospects for Peace in the Middle East 2002
BEIJ001 Joel Beinin Origins of the Gulf War 1990
CASJ001 Jorge Castaneda Another NAFTA: What a Good Agreement Should Offer 1993
CULT023 Debu Chaudhuri Raga Marwa 1978
CHON-STOJ001 Noam Chomsky, John Stockwell A Critique of the Christic Institute Case 1989
CHUW006 Ward Churchill Big Brother Is Watching 2001
COHJ001 Jeff Cohen A Critique of Nightline, MacNeil/Lehrer and NPR 1990
DAVA001 Angela Davis Reproductive Rights and Racism 1989
DAVA002 Angela Davis African American Women in the Twenty-First Century 1989
DAVA004 Angela Davis Black Women in the Academy: Defending Our Name 1994
DORE-POET001 Edward Dorn Satirical Verses 2000
EDWJ001 Jorge Edwards Neruda & Modern Latin American Literature 1985
ERAN001 Noura Erakat Israel's War on Gaza 2009
EWES001 Stuart Ewen Public Relations: Corporate Spin & Propaganda 1999
GIAC001 Chris Giannou Southern Lebanon: 1982 1982
HALD001 Denis Halliday Sanctions in Iraq: A Human Rights Catastrophe 1998
KERC001 Charlie Kernaghan Report from the Global Factory 1997
LOEP001 Paul Loeb Overcoming Cynicism 1999
MASR001 Rania Masri Iraq War & Occupation: Consequences for the Middle East 2003
NAGW001 Winston Nagan Bosnia: A Question of Genocide 1994
NJEN001 Njoki Njehu Breaking the Chains of Debt: Jubilee 2000 2000
PARK001 Khurram Parvez Kashmir: Telling the Story 2011
POLK-ETAL001 Katha Pollitt, Peter Berkowitz, Rashid Khalidi, Raymond Tanter Attack Iraq: A Debate 2003
RYAC001 Charlotte Ryan Primetime Activism 2002
SHMU001 Muhammed Aziz Shukri A Syrian View of the Middle East 2003
SOLN003 Norman Solomon Orwellian Media 2002
STAR001 Jerry Starr Air Wars: Reclaiming Public Broadcasting 2000
TIRJ001 John Tirman Spoils of War: The Human Cost of America's Arms Trade 1998
ZEHN001 Nasim Zehra Afghanistan, bin Laden, and the Taliban 2001
AGUA001 Adolfo Aguilar Mexico After NAFTA & Chiapas 1994
BERE003 Elaine Bernard Solidarity: An Injury To One Is An Injury To All 1993
PIVF003 Frances Fox Piven Labor in a Globalized Economy 2000
PILJ001 John Pilger Imperialism, War, and Journalism 2002
MAHR001 Rahul Mahajan The New Crusade: America's War on Terrorism 2002
GALG002 George Galloway Imperialism & the New World Order 2005
ROST-ROOM001 Tania Rosario, Mateo Roose Organize! Union Summer 1996
SCHH-ETAL001 Herbert Schiller Ideology of Communications 1988
GLAI001 Ira Glasser Patriotism, Civil Liberties & Terrorism 2001
HAHR001 Robin Hahnel Beyond Seattle: What Is To Be Done 1999
CHON149 Noam Chomsky U.S. to World: Get Out of the Way 1999
CHON154 Noam Chomsky 2000 Harvard Trade Union Program 2000
DELD001 Dave Dellinger Hope for the '90s 1993
SAIE010 Edward Said The Arabs and the West 1992
CULT026 Rumi The Poetry of Rumi 1982
ZINH-COCA-SCHB-ETAL001 Various Choosing the News: Who Sets the Agenda? 1988
CULT027 Yevgeny Yevtushenko The Poetry of Yevtushenko 1985
ROBJ001 John Robbins Diet for a New America 1997
SPED001 Dale Spender Man Made Language 1986
SUBS001 Various Subaltern Studies 2000
BORR001 Robert Borosage Pentagon Pork 1995
DAWK002 Kristin Dawkins G-7/GATT/NAFTA 1993
FRAJ001 Jane Franklin Cuba: Past, Present and Future 1993
GALE003 Eduardo Galeano Mirrors 2009
CULT007 Various Angel and Isabel Parra in concert 1985
CULT028 Carolyn Forche Poems & Commentary on El Salvador 1985
GONF001 Francisco Gonzales Chile: State of Siege 1984
HERS001 Seymour Hersh Investigative Reporting and Government Lying 1990
HERS002 Seymour Hersh U.S. Policy in the Mideast and Beyond 1990
LADW006 Winona LaDuke Activism On & Off the Reservation 1998
LYOV001 Verne Lyon The Wrath of the CIA 1988
MACD001 David MacMichael National Insecurity 1992
MAZA002 Ali Mazrui Global Apartheid: Race & Religion in the New World Order 1994
MCAJ001 Jane McAlevey Environmental Destruction & U.S. Policy 1992
MCCA003 Alfred McCoy History of the Southeast Asia Drug Trade 1992
MENR002 Rigoberta Menchu A Message for Humanity 1992
NICL001 Linda Nicholson Interpreting Gender 1992
SAIE006 Edward Said Gulf War Aftermath: The Tasks Ahead 1991
STOJ002 John Stockwell CIA Secret Wars 1988
TERS001 Studs Terkel Race in America 1992
STOJ-ETAL001 John Stockwell CIA Panel Discussion with Stockwell et al 1987
CULT052 Gary Snyder Talk & Reading to Western Literature Association 1984
CULT053 Gary Snyder Poetry Reading 1990
MAAW001 Wangari Maathai The Greenbelt Movement of Kenya 1990
CULT063 Delmira Augustini The Poetry of Delmira Augustini 1985
CHON230 Noam Chomsky Civil Society in India and the US 1996
CHON078 Noam Chomsky Deterring Democracy 1992
CULT046 Gabriela Mistral The Poetry of Gabriela Mistral 1985
CULT047 Nicolas Guillen The Poetry of Nicolás Guillén 1985
ZINH045 Howard Zinn Harvard Trade Union Program 2008
CHON128 Noam Chomsky 1996 Harvard Trade Union Program 1996
CULT048 Alfonsina Storni The Poetry of Alfonsina Storni 1983
CULT049 Allen Ginsberg The Poetry of Allen Ginsberg 1985
CULT029 Simon Ortiz Poetry Reading 1984
CULT030 Maria de Zayas The Poetry of Maria de Zayas 1969
CULT044 Debu Chaudhuri Raga Kedara 1970
VAIU001 Urvashi Vaid Virtual Equality: The Gay & Lesbian Movement 1996
CULT031 Abdeslam Cherkaoui The Poetry & Music of Abdeslam Cherkaoui 1985
CULT032 Shen Mah The Poetry of Shen Mah 1983
CULT033 Antonio Machado The Poetry of Antonio Machado 1985
CULT034 Frederico Garcia Lorca The Poetry of Garcia Lorca 1983
CULT035 Juan Ramon Jimenez The Poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez 1985
CULT036 Sor Juana The Poetry of Sor Juana 1985
DUJD001 Diane Dujon Women, Welfare and Poverty 1998
CULT040 David Barsamian Music, Culture and Religion in Egypt 1969
CHON129 Noam Chomsky Democracy & the Right to Know 1995
GLOD001 Danny Glover Interview 2002
CHON234 Noam Chomsky UN Press Conference 2014
MEAR001 Russell Means Native America 1988
CHON237 Noam Chomsky The Grand Area 1982
EHRB011 Barbara Ehrenreich Maid to Order 2000
CHON243 Noam Chomsky Hegemony or Survival 2004
COHJ008 Jeff Cohen Challenging the Bias 1988
DAVA003 Angela Davis Liberty and Justice for All? 1991
CHON094 Noam Chomsky World Orders 1993
ELLD-FALR001 Various The Growth of the National Security State 1988
COCA011 Alexander Cockburn The Left Is Alive! 1995
LUBB001 Alternative Radio Palestine: Roots of the Conflict 2000
STEJ001 John Stewart Report from Southern Africa 1995
SAIE001 Edward Said The Culture and Politics of Palestinian Exile 1987
SAIE-KUMR001 Edward Said, Radha Kumar Remembering Eqbal Ahmad 1999
PIVF004 Frances Fox Piven Why Americans Still Don't Vote 2001
PARR002 Robert Parry The Art of Investigative Journalism: Iran/Contra, October Surprise, etc. 1996
NADR013 Ralph Nader On the Campaign Trail 2000
MORD002 David Morris Free Trade: NAFTA and GATT 1993
MCAK001 Kathy McAfee Storm Signals: The Caribbean 1993
MAZT002 Tony Mazzocchi Labor Party Advocates: A New Party 1996
LITA001 Alicia Littletree Who Bombed Judi Bari? 2000
LANJ001 Joanne Landy Problems of Democratization in the USSR & Eastern Europe 1991
KNOE001 Erwin Knoll The Gulf War: Enough Lies to Last a Lifetime 1991
KNOE003 Erwin Knoll The Gulf War 1991
IVIM004 Molly Ivins You Got to Dance: Media & Politics 1998
IVIM002 Molly Ivins American Political Culture & Other Jokes 1994
STOJ007 John Stockwell The 'New' World Order and the Gulf War 1991
CHON247 Noam Chomsky 2016 Harvard Trade Union Program 2016
CHON228 Noam Chomsky What is Anarchism? 2013
CHON250 Noam Chomsky Toward a Better Society 2016
CHON246 Noam Chomsky Turkey and the Middle East 2016
TURK001 Kwame Ture Black Nationalism 1990
CODA001 Andrei Codrescu Where Have All the Jokes in Eastern Europe Gone? 1993
ZINH008 Howard Zinn 1492-1992: The Legacy of Columbus 1991
CHON253B Noam Chomsky Z Media Institute 2004 2004
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