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What people are saying about Alternative Radio:

Listeners are saying...

AR is now the only place I feel I continue to get unadorned facts.
-- Vickie, Stanwood, WA
Thank you for the upgrading of my Constitutional Understanding.
-- Anthony, West Hartford, CT
We depend on your program to provide us with the reality check on our political system through a global lens. We learn, we become better citizens, we are inspired by the truth, which is at the heart of Alternative Radio.
-- Sarah, Medina, WA
I highly recommend many of the presentations to my University students!
-- Angela Zukowski, Dayton, OH
AR is crucial to journalism. In this time of distorted and manipulated online, radio and TV information, AR is bold to air programs that report on issues which are vital to our threatened democracy.
-- Tom, Seattle, WA
I think the information you present is extremely valuable and informative. I lament that not more ears and minds can hear it.
-- Steve, Bradenton, FL
So essential to keep bringing this information to America. Hats off to David Barsamian. I wish I could send you a million dollars.
-- Kathy, Waldo, ME
AR in my view is an oasis in a wasteland of media vapidity. Hell, if there were justice or reason you would have a budget and the resources to rival the AM gasbag-hate mongers.
-- Jim, Edmonds, WA
Your programs are the most intelligent on the radio.
-- Savi, Newburgh, NY
You’re an outgoing expression of honest and DARING journalism: Bravo! As we say, "When it is dark enough, one candle is plenty", I consider you that candle inside this darkness we are passing through these times.
--Samuel, Fez, Morocco
You are a national asset.
-- Geoffrey, Atascadero, CA
I am interested in having a subscription to this show sent to the white house, to the president. I would also like it sent to congress & to the governor of New York... How can we make this happen? I have been listening to alternative radio for a long time & honestly it is the most relevant honest radio out there... Every week I feel like our so-called leaders & lawmakers need to hear it~!!! Thank you so much for making me feel not so alone.
-- Sunday Dawne, Phoenicia, NY
I consider every AR broadcast a postgraduate level lecture on progressive politics and issues. It's an invaluable resource.
-- Tim, Los Angeles, CA
AR continues to offer me inspiration and hope that somehow, someway our many collective voices will be heard and the injustices of the world will one day be history. Thank you David for finding ways to have important voices heard!! – I wish more people heard the talks you air. I’m trying to do what I can to spread the word that AR is the place to go for ‘news you can use’ and for inspiration.
--Elizabeth, Orwell, VT
As annoyingly repetitious as it may be, I cannot praise you enough for your unique ability to consistently find those courageous, insightful, and articulate individuals who search for, unveil, and express the truth in an age of sophisticatedly manipulated reality by societal controllers who persuasively deceive the population to bolster the malicious power of the manipulators.
--David, Kent, Washington
I hear your program on KUOW 94.9FM Seattle. I never miss it! Thank you sooooooo much!
--Valerie, Deer Harbor, Washington
Your programs are the most intelligent on the RADIO!
--Savi, Newburgh, New York
AR provides an incredibly valuable viewpoint that more need to embrace
--Henry, Wappingers Falls, New York
Thanks David! You and Chomsky are people I admire for your absolute honesty and capacity for self-introspection.
--Shiva, Chennai, India
You are Fantastic! Producing these talks year after year, always finding new people, and continuing with the more known. They're all Great!
--Joan, Albany, New York
Thank you for AR. I am learning a lot from all the programs you offer.
-- Samir, Window Rock, Arizona

Publications and speakers are saying...

"An essential service for the communication needs of a democratic society."
-- Ben Bagdikian, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Media Monopoly
"...a source of constant high-quality radio broadcasting that challenges conventional political wisdom."
-- The Progressive
"...a ray of light in the media darkness featuring voices of proposals to strengthen our democracy."
-- Ralph Nader
"David Barsamian is the Studs Terkel of our generation."
-- Howard Zinn
"In conversation [with David Barsamian], Chomsky is more relaxed, tentative, and discursive than he is in his books or his public speaking engagements."
-- Vancouver Sun
"AR is always my most effective outreach vehicle. I am so indebted to you and your wonderful work. My wife Fran and I just listened on KUOW to your presentation of my University of Oregon talk. Fran, who is pretty much bored to death hearing my presentations, was beside herself with enthusiasm. I think it is the best presentation I've ever given and it so speaks to this moment. The fact that you are getting it out there so broadly in such an effective professional format is thrilling."
-- David Korten
"Thank you for your very informative presentation on media, propaganda and war. Thank you too for AR and for challenging the monopoly of information."
--Carl Brun, Professor, Wright State University, Dayton, OH
"AR is one of the jewels of American media (IMHO)."
-- Alan Minsky, KPFK, Los Angeles, CA
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