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The Media Monopoly

Program #BAGB001. Recorded in Madison, WI on April 21, 1989.

Ben Bagdikian describes the growing concentration of media ownership in the U.S. and how it is increasingly determining the news we read, hear and see. He discerns a "steady pattern of the media looking the other way, of avoiding obvious causes and consequences, so as not to weaken or threaten the status quo." He contends that "the social effects of the media monopoly pose a danger to society, for the media are ignoring critical issues in pursuit of quick profits dictated by their owners and advertisers." The Media Monopoly raises important questions about corporate interests and truthful reporting and their impact on the future vitality of American democracy.


Ben Bagdikian

Ben Bagdikian was the winner of almost every top prize in American journalism, including the Pulitzer. He was the former dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. He was one of the most respected media critics in the country and was a reporter and editor for more than thirty years. The New York Times called him "an exemplar to a generation of journalists." His landmark book The Media Monopoly was revised and updated with seven new chapters and retitled The New Media Monopoly. His autobiography is entitled Double Vision. He passed away in March 2016.

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