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Remembering the Armenian Genocide + The Armenian Holocaust

Program #BALP001-BAAR-FISR001.

First Program:  Peter Balakian – Remembering the Armenian Genocide For Armenians around the world, "April," to quote Eliot, is indeed "the cruelest month." On April 24, 1915, the Turkish government launched a genocidal campaign of deportation and extermination, effectively ending the millennia-old Armenian presence in eastern Turkey. Amazingly, to this day Turkey denies the genocide. And the U.S. goes along with this charade. A recent Congressional resolution recognizing the genocide was withdrawn under White House pressure. The administration cited national security concerns.

Second Program: Robert Fisk / Araxie Barsamian - The Armenian Holocaust

In 1915, the Turkish government launched a premeditated organized campaign to eliminate the millennia-old Armenian people from their traditional homeland in what is now southeastern Turkey. The Turkish officials responsible for the genocide were never brought to account. This was not lost on Adolf Hitler. Just days before launching World War Two he told his generals, "Who today, after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?" What makes this genocide unique is that Turkey refuses to acknowledge it ever happened. And that denial is the final stage of genocide: closure and justice is denied to the victims and their descendants.

This program marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.


Araxie Barsamian

Araxie Barsamian, mother of AR's David, survived the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. Her parents, brothers, and other members of her extended family were not so fortunate. In 1986, just a few months before her death, she spoke about her experiences to a history class at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk, based in Beirut, is the Middle East correspondent for The Independent. He is winner of the Amnesty International UK Press Award and the Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom. The Financial Times calls him "one of the outstanding reporters of his generation. As a war correspondent he is unrivalled." He is the author of Pity the Nation, The Great War for Civilization and The Age of the Warrior.

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