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Seed Sovereignty, Food Security

Seed Sovereignty, Food Security book cover Agro-economist and world renown seed keeper Vandana Shiva brings together "women in the vanguard of the fight against GMOs and corporate agriculture." A must have collection of essays by Frances Moore Lappé, Anna Lappé, Beth Burrows, Marion Nestle, Stephanie Seneff, Susanne Gura, Mae-Wan Ho, Irina Ermokova, Tiphanie Burban, Blanche Magarinos-Rey, Florianne Koechlin, Maria Grazia Mammucini, Debbie Barker, Suzanne Foote, Winona LaDuke, Zen Honeycutt, Farida Akhter, Kusum Hachhethu, Twolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher, Sue Edwards, Miriam Mayet, Ana de Ita, Isaura Andaluz, Patricia Flores, Sandra Banquedano, Sara Larraín, Ana Broccoli, Susan Hawthorne. 399 pp. $22.


Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is an internationally renowned voice for sustainable development and social justice. She's a physicist, scholar, social activist and feminist. She is Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi. She's the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and of the Right Livelihood Award, the alternative Nobel Prize. She is the author of many books, including Water Wars, Earth Democracy, Soil Not Oil and Making Peace with the Earth. She is the editor of the book Seed Sovereignty, Food Security.

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