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Shifting Fortunes: The Wealth Gap

Program #COLC-SKLH001. Recorded in Boston, MA on September 16, 1999.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, "We can have democracy in this country or we can have great concentrated wealth in the hands of the few, but we can't have both." What might Brandeis think as he viewed the current economy? Behind the hoopla of the economic boom, many Americans have actually lost ground. Most households have lower net worth than they did in 1983. To make ends meet, workers put in longer hours and have two jobs. Families sink deeper into debt while the top 1% accrue enormous wealth. Collins and Sklar are co-authors of Shifting Fortunes.


Chuck Collins

Chuck Collins is co-founder of United for a Fair Economy, a Boston-based national organization that addresses issues of economic inequality. He is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and directs its Program on Inequality and the Common Good. He is author of Economic Apartheid in America, Wealth and Our Commonwealth and 99 to 1.

Holly Sklar

Holly Sklar writes for The Nation, Z, USA Today, and other journals and newspapers. She's the author of Trilateralism, Streets of Hope, and Chaos or Community?: Seeking Solutions, Not Scapegoats for Bad Economics.

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