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Democratizing the Global Economy

Program #DANK003. Recorded in Boulder, CO on August 18, 2000.

In the wake of massive protests from Seattle to Bangalore, an international movement to democratize the global economy has emerged. What does it mean to democratize the global economy? It means moving capital investment decision-making from the secret realm of the wealthy few out into the light of public scrutiny and control. The word "democracy" implies that sovereignty, ultimate political authority, resides in the people, not in corporations.


Kevin Danaher

Kevin Danaher was co-founder and public education director of Global Exchange, the San Francisco-based non-profit organization that led the campaign that exposed Nike's use of sweatshop labor and promotes grassroots, citizen-oriented efforts in international trade. He is the author of Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama, 50 Years Is Enough, Globalize This!, and Democratizing the Global Economy.

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