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Restoring Earth Island + Radical Compassion 2-Pack

Program #JACW001-SHIV020.

2 CDs

First program: Wes Jackson - Restoring Earth Island

Public interest in dystopia is prevalent everywhere. Look at the popularity of films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Children of Men, The Hunger Games. Rarely are utopian visions articulated in contemporary culture, much less pursued in earnest. Artists and policymakers alike risk being labeled unrealistic, impractical, delusional. But the conjuring of utopia serves a vital function. Have a vision, then act to realize it.

 Restoring our ecology will mean a move toward sustainable agriculture. Tenets of the Industrial and Technological Revolutions will need to be countered. Our relationship to the Earth will need to change from viewing the environment as something outside of ourselves, to a more holistic one that views harming the Earth as self-harm.

Second program: Vandana Shiva - Radical Compassion

There was much fanfare as the leaders of the U.S. and China, the world’s largest carbon polluters signed what was trumpeted as an “historic” deal cutting greenhouse gas emissions. But the Center for Science & Environment in India denounced the agreement as “self-serving” and “business as usual.” Much more urgent action is required to avoid a catastrophic rise in global temperatures. As the eco-crisis accelerates and the major contributors to climate change make grandiose statements but then take halfhearted measures, it is easy to despair. But we simply can’t afford to do nothing and wallow in negativity. The moment calls for action and engagement not passivity and indifference. The magnitude of the crisis requires radical compassion for the Earth and all its inhabitants and flora and fauna. Despite probes landing on comets this is the only home we have.


Wes Jackson

Wes Jackson is a plant geneticist and a leading voice for agrarian reform away from domesticated agriculture. He is the author of New Roots for Agriculture and many books. He is founder of The Land Institute and a member of the World Future Council.

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