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Sanjay Kak 2-Pack

Program #KAKS003-KAKS002. Recorded in Chicago, IL on March 01, 2013.

2 CDs

Sanjay Kak - Kashmir: Hell in Heaven

Kashmir is spectacularly gorgeous but the travel magazine spreads and tourist brochures mask a less than heavenly reality. An ongoing conflict has taken the lives of tens of thousands of Kashmiris. The Himalayan region is divided by India and Pakistan but claimed in its entirety by both. And trapped between these states are the Kashmiri people. What they might desire is of little concern to India and Pakistan who use Kashmir to justify massive military deployments. Cross border shootings and artillery strikes at any time could escalate into a major war. And don’t forget both countries have nuclear weapons. Kashmiri non-violent struggles against Indian rule have barely been covered in the media. It doesn’t fit the narrative India has propagated: These are Islamic terrorists controlled by Pakistan. Except for a few troublemakers, Kashmiris are happy to be part of India.


Sanjay Kak - India: David vs. Goliath

The Biblical story needs no recounting. In parts of India today various Davids confront the goliath of the Indian state and large corporations. The people fighting back are poor, rural and marginalized. Many are Adivasi, indigenous. Some of the resistance groups, called Maoist or Naxalite,  believe in armed struggle. Others are using Gandhian tactics of civil disobedience and non-violence. Arundhati Roy, the well-known writer and activist describes the situation, “People are being driven off their lands by mining companies, steel plants, dams, and other mega-projects. They are putting their bodies on the line to prevent the takeover of their lands and the destruction of their culture and environment. And as the water tables are dropping and the minerals that remain in the mountains are being taken out, we are going to confront a crisis from which we cannot return.” David Barsamian interviews Sanjay Kak about his latest film and the situation in India.


Sanjay Kak

Sanjay Kak is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi. His work reflects his interests in ecology, alternatives and resistance politics and movements. His films include How We Celebrate Freedom and Words on Water. His latest film is Red Ant Dream. He is editor of Until My Freedom Has Come: The New Intifada in Kashmir.


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