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Get Up, Stand Up + The Pathology of Wealth

Program #MOOM004-PARM032.

First Program: Michael Moore - Get Up, Stand Up

Bob Marley sang this song,

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights

Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight

You can fool some people sometimes

But you couldn't fool all the people all the time

And now you see the light, stand up for your right.

The Occupy movement is the most dynamic and extraordinary political development in decades. It may be the catalyst to effect fundamental change. Inspired by a call in the Canadian magazine “Adbusters,” citizens fed up with the abuses of the system went to Wall Street and pitched their tents and unrolled their sleeping bags. That small act proved to be the spark that launched a leaderless movement with people of various political tendencies brought together by anger at the inequities of capitalism and the politicians who sustain it. 


Second Program: Michael Parenti - The Pathology of Wealth

As the planet moves closer to environmental catastrophe, the captains of industry, the robber barons of the age, could hardly be bothered. They have more important matters to consider. Making money. And they better be on the ball and deliver those dividends because if they don't they will soon be replaced. Profits uber alles is the guiding mantra. Environment. Schvironment. It gets in the way. Sure they'll recycle paper and glass but forget about doing anything substantial. Pursuing new corporate earning opportunities and wealth accumulation are in capitalism's DNA. The owners of the economy, the 1%, are operating from the tar sands in Alberta to fracking in Pennsylvania. They have got their eyes on the only prize that matters to them. The lust for lucre continues unabated.


Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a world famous documentary filmmaker. His Bowling for Columbine won an Academy Award and Farenheit 9/11 won the top prize at Cannes. His films Sicko and Capitalism: A Love Story were critically acclaimed hits.

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