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Vegetarian 2-Pack

Program #NIBD001-LYMH002.

2 CDs

First program: David Nibert - Animal Industrial Complex

Many have heard of the military-industrial complex, maybe even the prison-industrial complex, but the animal industrial complex? Probably not. But you should. It’s huge. Meat consumption per capita in the U.S. exceeds all other countries except for Luxemburg. The U.S. with its ubiquitous fast food outlets might be called Burgerstan. But the love affair with meat may be waning. The Hindu-Buddhist roots of vegetarianism have gone way beyond their origins in South Asia. Today, adherents of vegetarianism can be found everywhere and in ever growing numbers. Concern about cruelty and violence to animals and the impact of meat eating on the environment are all contributing to heightened awareness as to how we treat other creatures. We share our homes and lives with dogs and cats. We lavish care and affection upon them. But other animals endure pain and suffering on their way to our dinner plates.

Second program: Howard Lyman - Mad Vegetarian Cowboy

Agriculture has been a cornerstone of the U.S. economy and the family farmer a symbol of the country. Enter "agribusiness" and farm factories so large that management depends upon tons of petrochemicals in the form of fuel, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Resultant animal production quotas require the use of hormones and antibiotics to support unnaturally high output. Low-cost feeding practices have vegetarian animals eating their own species, roadkill and euthanized pets. Eating off the bottom line may be spreading disease to humans.


Howard Lyman

He is a fourth-generation Montana farmer, rancher and feedlot operator who turned the family farm into a multi-million-dollar cattle business. He is a former lobbyist for the meat and dairy industries. He has done a complete about-face and now directs the Eating with Conscience Campaign of the Humane Society and is President of the International Vegetarian Union.

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