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Climate Activist 2-Pack

Program #PARC002-MCKB007.

2 CDs

First program: Christian Parenti - Climate Crisis

Traditionally, the main reasons for the migration of people have been war, persecution, and poverty. But in coming decades, they will be eclipsed by a wave of climate-change refugees. There will be drought. Farmers will be forced out of rural areas because of crop failure and wildfires. Food prices will skyrocket. Conflicts, already erupting, will increase. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts sea levels will rise as high as two feet, 60 centimeters, by 2100, putting vast areas under water. Consider the following projections: Climate change will displace up to 200 million people by 2050. Almost 10 percent of the world's population is at risk of displacement by 2100. Planetary well being is subordinated to capitalism, hell bent on profits. The pressure for action has to come from heat in the streets, people power.

Second program: Bill McKibben - Breaking Away from Fossil Fuels

For decades we have been hooked on fossil fuels. Time is long past for humankind to kick this habit. The Paris climate accord, signed with much hoopla by 175 countries, is, given the magnitude of the crisis, totally inadequate. A coalition of environmental groups calls it “a dangerous distraction that threatens all of us. The Agreement relies on voluntary versus mandatory emission cuts that do not meet targets scientists say are necessary to avoid climate catastrophe.” On an individual level you might say, Hey, I’m doing my part. I drive a hybrid and bike whenever I can. It ain’t enough. We are being lulled into complacency. Radical action is required to reverse global warming. Can we break away from our destructive addiction that is endangering life as we know it?


Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben was one of the first to sound the alarm on climate change with his bestselling book The End of Nature. A scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College, he is a leading environmental activist. His other books include The Age of Missing Information, Hope, Human and Wild, Deep Economy, and Eaarth. He is co-founder of 350.org.

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