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Pakistan: A Journalist's View + The War Within Pakistan

Program #SARB001-HOOP004.

First Program: Beena Sarwar - Pakistan: A Journalist's View

For the casual observer of international news Pakistan must be enigmatic, bewildering and scary. It's a "hornet's nest," declares "The Economist." Almost from its inception in 1947 Pakistan has been dominated by the three As: Allah, Army and America. The country of some 200 million people has been ruled either by military dictators or corrupt civilians. Pick your poison. There are coups and rumors of coups. The prime minster may be ousted. The president may face criminal charges. The intelligence agencies wield supernatural powers. And in the shadows are jihadis. Relations between Islamabad and Washington are "badly strained," the "NY Times" reports. No surprises there given the many U.S. drone attacks and invasions culminating in the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers. When you are master of the universe and you pay stipends to servants you expect what? Silence and loyalty. 

Second Program: Pervez Hoodbhoy - The War Within Pakistan 

The decades long bloodshed and destruction in Afghanistan now envelops Pakistan. From Lahore to Karachi to Peshawar the carnage increases. Home grown jihadi groups, with links to various intelligence agencies, set up to fight against India in Kashmir, have turned inward. After one such attack which killed more than 50 in northwest Pakistan, the Taliban claimed responsibility and declared, "Our war is to enforce sharia, Islamic law, and anyone who hinders our way or sides with America will meet the same fate." Washington carries out countless drone bombings and its special forces operate inside Pakistan. The regime in Islamabad is despised by most Pakistanis as being corrupt and not providing basic services.


Beena Sarwar

Beena Sarwar is an independent Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the Pakistan editor of Aman ki Asha, a joint initiative of The News in Pakistan and The Times of India. She was a producer for GEO TV, the largest 24/7 news channel in Pakistan.

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