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Man Made Language

Program #SPED001. Recorded in Vancouver, BC on February 28, 1986.

In Man Made Language, Dale Spender writes, “Women are aware that male superiority is a myth and they deal with this knowledge in numerous ways. Their response may range from disillusionment to elation, from masking their feelings to hide their disappointment and preserve the myth, to outrightly declaring their knowledge in an attempt to explode it. Male superiority is a myth which can be exposed and eradicated by knowledge, by a change in consciousness.“ She adds, “Each day we construct the world we live in according to man made rules. We select, pattern and interpret the flux of events in the attempt to make life meaningful and few of us suspect how deeply entrenched, and arbitrary, these rules are. We impose them on the world so that what we see conforms to what we have been led to see. And one of the crucial factors in our construction of this reality is language.”


Dale Spender

Dale Spender is an Australian feminist and author of The Invisible Woman and Man Made Language.

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