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Miko Peled - An Israeli Dissident View

Occupation has a corrosive and corrupting effect not just on the occupied but on the occupiers as well. The British learned this in Kenya as the French did in Algeria and maybe the U.S. did in Iraq. People don’t like to be occupied. Thus, severe measures are employed to keep them controlled. Israel is a case in point. Palestinians have endured more than five decades of occupation. They have been subjected to land seizures, destruction of homes and fruit trees, torture, checkpoints, curfews, barriers, collective punishment and extrajudicial killings. In terms of the tactics of repression Israel is no different from other occupiers. But there is one crucial difference: U.S. support. Washington has given over the years more than $130. billion in aid to Israel. That’s more than any other country gets by far. The U.S. by its largesse enables the occupation.

Recorded at Seattle Pacific University.

Jeremy Scahill - Journalism: Truth or Propaganda

"An informed democracy will behave in a responsible fashion," said Jefferson. And what happens to democracy when one of the major pillars of information, journalism is under attack from the highest office in the land? We live in an era where the president openly singles out journalists by name and denounces them. And when he’s at a rally he incites his followers to hiss and boo the press. “Fake news,” he tweets. The media are “a stain on America.” Apparently, any journalist that does not express admiration and adoration for the president is not doing his or her job. Only Fox can be trusted. Journalism, at least in theory, has one essential job: to dig out and communicate the facts about what powerful individuals and institutions are doing. And to hold them accountable. No one is above criticism.

Tariq Ali - Connections: 1968 & 2018

Nineteen sixty-eight is often described as historic, a tumultuous year that changed the U.S. and the world. Recall the assassinations of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy, resistance to the wars in Indochina, the student strikes, the Tet offensive, the ghetto uprisings and the election of Richard Nixon. In France, the rebellion against the status quo was marked by the famous slogan: Be Realistic. Demand the Impossible! That was then. Today, the power structure pursues its agenda as it always has: enhancing its global hegemony and wealth accumulation. The whole history of the last five decades demonstrates that no section of the ruling class is opposed to the imposition of U.S. global domination There are merely tactical differences. Things are changing. China is on the rise. The U.S. remains preeminent militarily but its economic position is in decline.

Abby Martin - Corporate Media & U.S. Empire

Renowned Indian writer Arundhati Roy once assured an American audience that the United States might enjoy a collective sigh of relief when it finally gives up on being an empire. But empires die hard. In response to eroding economic predominance, military spending in the U.S. has skyrocketed. Simultaneously, as if in response to legal matters that encircle the U.S. president, we see a more and more bellicose foreign policy. The "winds of war" is a terrible term. As if war were as natural as the wind. In fact, wars are trumped up, sold, hook-line-and-sinker.

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