3 reviews for Ecology & Socialism

  1. Jack

    To the two reviewers above, from the site’s podcast section, “New AR programs go up on our Free Podcast approximately two weeks after broadcast.”
    You can certainly have it for free, you just have to wait. If you really love and want to support it though, there’s a lot to be said for supporting something with donations or purchases.

  2. David

    I agree with the writer below. This is public radio and by God spread this thought provoking information for free. Don’t let the main stream media morons guide this country anymore. Please make programs like this free to distribute.

  3. Kelly

    This is an incredible interview and after hearing it I rushed to my computer to try and share it with friends and family… I finally found this link but found there isn’t a full copy online to share. Seems like crucial information that should be free online and available for everyone! As a planet we can’t afford to keep this discussion out of the mainstream.

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