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Health Care Reform

Program #WOOS002. Recorded in Boulder, CO on May 02, 1994.

Discussions around health care reform at times border on the hysterical. Relentless misrepresentations and lies are the keys to successful propaganda. Stoked by talk show hosts and politicians, there are wild allegations about death panels and killing granny. Why is there so much anger and fear around health care? In times of bankruptcies, foreclosures and layoffs people are more vulnerable to manipulation. The plain fact is other nations have higher performance health care systems that take care of everyone and at a much lower cost than in the United States. Is that acceptable? Social Security and Medicare are successful and popular programs. Both are government run. Are the back-room deals of the moneyed lobbies going to prevent meaningful change and reform? The health insurance companies and big Pharma will get their way if citizens do not organize and act.


Steffie Woolhandler

Steffie Woolhandler helped found Physicians for a National Health Program, a non-profit organization of health care professionals who support a national health insurance program. On the Harvard Medical School faculty since 1987, Dr. Woolhandler has conducted research and published her results in dozens of articles and books. She provides patient care as an attending physician at The Cambridge Hospital. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for her contributions to health care.

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