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You are broadcasting with extreme honesty and objectivity about various actual facts of life. Long live David!Reza
Saw a story about you on Democracy Now! I commend you for your vision, and for your courage. Please keep up your good work.Glenn in Denver, CO
Many thanks from Ralph and me for the AR programs. We will listen attentively and play them for others who need to hear the messages.Claire Nader in Winsted, CT
AR is light and hope and so crucial to sanity. I am so grateful for all that you do.Linda in Somerville, MA
I admire your ongoing commitment, enthusiasm and energy. AR, as many have said before, provides a beacon of hope in a barren media wasteland.Shane in Australia
AR is the most important programming on the radio.TW in CA
Thank you and Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader and everyone willing to keep people human and humane. Your work and efforts are well appreciated!Anonymous Listener
After listening my whole life in this country to Alternative Radio I must say that this is the very best educational and truth-telling program.
Ivy Lobato - Blue Hill, Maine
I'm so grateful for the programming you provide. 'Tis a painkiller for the sundry 'distresses' engendered by the rampant idiocy and arrogance that prevail. Thanks for your devotion to the values and principles it would behoove us to honor.Tom in Missoula, MT
You are a rock star!  That was the best speech I've ever seen you deliver! The black cat wandering through the audience and going up to the podium was the icing on the cake.Laurie in Santa Fe, NM
What a list of achievements you have to your credit. My wife and I are proud to know you.Bill in Grand Point, ME
Just listened to a great pandemic talk. Your work is more important than ever. Continue to persevere. Thank you.Jack in Astoria, OR
If it weren't for AR we wouldn't have heard of Chomsky.Sally in Los Angeles
Thanks for being there.  This country is already heading for no good.  If only the corporate media could include your kind of programming, giving people an opportunity to learn how to question.Barbara H.
AR is keeping truth on a front burner at high flame. Thank you.Anonymous Listener
I feel like a human being when listening to your programs. It lifts up our humanity.From a California listener
Your talk at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs was absolutely fantastic. Thank you. Now to find effective ways to be an activist!
Natalie in Colorado Springs, CO
I really enjoyed your talk on the media at the University of WA. That's an area of major interest to me.Guy in Seattle, WA
I hear Alternative Radio on CIUT. I really appreciate all the great AR programming: Chomsky, Zinn, Hedges, Shiva, Roy, Bezruchka-the list goes on and on. Thank you.Lee in Toronto, ON
Every time I listen to AR I am grateful for your unrelenting pursuit. You almost magically assemble a cast of good people who are extremely well informed and then put it out for us all. It's hard for people like me to see all the skill and knowledge that goes into AR. You and your guests win my Right Livelihood Award and my affection.Melba in OR
You have a growing and interesting stable of new commentators.Peter in NM
THANKS for making AR the MVP of all radio shows.James in WA
We appreciate your powerful work for humanity and are glad we can support it.Anonymous Listener
AR is essential in bringing important dissenting voices to public attention.Listener from Fly Creek, NY
AR is my education.Sylvia in Yellow Springs, OHAR
Thank you so much for your great work and to create an alternative to corporate media.Mehdi in Victoria, BC
Thank you for all your hard work. For many years you've played a big role in the way I receive and understand news and information.Monika in Redmond, WA
Thank you for your valuable and heartening broadcasts. My housemates, they are students, working part-time, and I listen on WAMC. AR gives encouragement in these terrible times.Ruth in Hillsdale, NY

Your work with Noam Chomsky will endure through the ages.

James in Washington
AR is a college classroom on the air. A learning experience.Listener in NM
Thank you for your informative and inspiring programs.Naomi in Northern California
I applaud you all and the fabulous speakers/thinkers/writers of social justice you provide to the airwaves to help break down barriers in the global and local world.Canadian listener
Because AR is in the world, our world is better. I listen to you regularly and you lift my spirit. Thank you truly.Clarissa in Denver, CO
Good to see you and that you are energized with the unique stimulus combo of caffeine, sugar and the FBI.  And I am sure you will keep up the good work, agitating the agitatable, stirring us up to new heights.
Steve in Colorado Springs, CO
Best to you and the very important work that you do!
Elizabeth in Astoria, OR

I am extremely impressed with the format of the transcript which reads like a published article! Your program is always so comprehensive and informative. When I am able to tune in to Alternative Radio, I always learn so much, while learning there is so much more to learn! Thank you and keep up all the great journalism! 

Susanna in Seattle, WA
Your program has enlightened me so much. I have a much larger soul and a more beautiful brain because of it.Diane in OR
AR is the Hall of Fame for those fighting against injustice.Listener in CA
I eagerly await your weekly program on WETS.listener in Tennessee
Your interviews and tapes may have unlocked 'the real America' a long time ago, perhaps historians decades from now will figure it out.From Jeff in Des Moines
The lectures and presentations played on AR, let alone the titans that give them, are seldom heard in our mainstream media. These are critical stories of injustice that exist and have existed in the world for a long time. The rarity of access to such a collection is something that saddens me; these topics should be talked about more, and I am glad that AR continues to go on strong. I listen in Toronto via CIUT 89.5FM. Highly recommended!Listener in Toronto, Canada
I just listed to the Noam Chomsky interview. Your organization is making a terrific contribution to our future survival on planet earth. Thank you.David in Sarasota, FL
I so appreciated your talk on Iran.  So much important information.  Events that we knew about only in the most superficial way.Judy in Golden, CO
Your work and efforts to keep radical progressive voices in the ecosystem are vital.Jeff in New Rochelle, NY
I truly love your show because you are so progressive and independent. Your guests are fascinating and most of them I would never have gotten to listen to if it weren’t for your show.  I always come away from your show feeling more informed and a little bit wiser.Sara B.
Oh, how I wish that you were on national prime time.CA listener
I greatly appreciate the years of the extraordinary contribution that AR is making to truth and justice in an all too often ill-informed and indifferent world.Jim Malarkey
I am so happy that I was present to hear David speak. As a journalism school graduate and on-and-off freelancer,  I can usually—eventually—find words to express a thought.  But even today,  many days after the event, I can still only say, WOW that was amazing!Angela in Vancouver, Canada
Thank you for your efforts in providing people with a more accurate reading of what is going on in the world. Often, we just don't know what the truth is.Sabira in Edmonton, AB
Thank you for your great work. Using the media to its utmost is critical and you do that.Lane in Albuquerque, NM
Thank you for the work you do. As the 'free press' becomes more fragile, your dissemination of vital perspectives on current events is essential.Juliana in NM
AR is my graduate program every week.Mary Jean in Kansas
Thank you Alternative Radio for making us all more fluent in Truth.Tim in NY
I'm not sure when I discovered AR and started listening but still, the same feeling of gratitude comes when I hear intelligent people speaking about important topics with clarity and honest concern. I feel that I have found a precious gem in AR, feeling less alone in this climate of consumerism and insanity.From a listener in PA
I am quite familiar with your program as I listen often to KUNM.  In fact it was your program that introduced me to Prof. Chomsky.  I am a very conservative individual and would never have bothered to read his "left wing screeds" but, captive in a car, I began listening to you and Amy Goodman and, lo and behold, I agreed with you and Prof. Chomsky.  Very effective medium, the radio.  Gets through the toughest barriers.J.C. in Albuquerque, NM

AR is the most incisive program on radio.

Scott in Interlaken, NY
You have done so much to inspire so many, myself included, to question the brutality of capitalism and advocate for a better world.Garrett in Kansas City
Alternative Radio is wonderful. I am so grateful that you and AR exist, and that nearly every week I can listen to a new episode of informative discussions and talks about the topics that the mainstream news outlets ignore. My favorite speakers from the past are Max Blumenthal, Trita Parsi, Laura Secor and Medea Benjamin. Thank you for pointing out the archives, I will explore the resources available.
Feruza in London, UK
Your work is and AR has always been path-breaking and invaluable for progressive thinkers and activists. So thank you and the indomitable Mr. Barsamian for all your generously devoted work!Jim M.
AR keeps me from the depths of despair. Thank you!From a listener in OR
I listen regularly to Alternative Radio on KALW-FM in San Francisco. I consider it a civic duty to tune in to these broadcasts. In this vast shopping mall of media mediocrity, an AR broadcast is one of the few truth serums left that I can self-administer.From a Bay area listener
My days would be incomplete without AR.Richard, Toronto, ON
Thanks for coming to our community. That was a fab talk.
Lots of people lingered discussing what actions to take next, so definitely reignited the fire up here last night!
Jessie in Nederland, CO
I have a nice collection by now of some of your best work.  AR is a great resource I can turn to anytime for insight and encouragement.From Stephen in Santa Monica, CA
It is always a pleasure to listen to you.Saif in Surrey, BC
You are one of the reasons I'm as sane as I am these days, being able to listen to the collective wisdom of your recorded guests rather than Trump's babble.Marcia in NM

The voice of Alternative Radio should be a standard part of our informational resources. While it is an alternative for those who want to know all aspects, it is not “instead of” Rather, it is an addition, providing the full picture, and correcting misperceptions.

D. Kafoury in Seattle
Thank you for spreading lots of wisdom over the airways.Listener in New Mexico
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your journalism and I hope it continues for a long time to come.Bay Area Listener
I’ve been a devoted listener to AR for years. One of radio’s all time champion shows. Kudos to you for all your great efforts over the years.Terry in Toronto, ON
Thank you so much for all the good work you do. YOU and your work, and the work of all the people you interview have been instrumental in changing our lives, our way of thinking. And, if I dare say, causing us to get the hell out of there!
Em in Maisonnais sur Tradoire, France
I send you many warm thanks and solidarity for the great, longtime, and courageous radio work you have done these many years!Lou in Washington, DC
Just wanted to let you know that I was just down in the San Luis Valley. I'm driving near Alamosa, and I go searching through the Christian, country-western, and heavy metal channels on my radio, and I hear this fascinating show on Iran on the air. I listened for a little while, and I went, that's freakin' David! It seems it is some sort of indie station (KCEI) out of Taos. Damn, that was sweet to hear. It was your talk in Golden. Great program.Dennis in Rollinsville, CO
On Saturday mornings, between 11 and noon, I catch your programing on WZBC--yea Boston College! And Yea AR!Ruth in Watertown, MA
I appreciate that AR always advances my education. It introduces me to interesting people and ideas.Martha in MA
I just appreciate all you do and have done so faithfully all these years.Nicole in Colorado
I admire the breadth of your knowledge and understanding of the history, context and current realities in the Middle East.Colorado listener
Thanks for all you do for progressive causes. AR is one of the bright spots on the radio.Marian in OR
I just wanted to thank you so much for Alternative Radio. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my frustration with the 2 mainstream parties in the U.S. I will donate to you folks as soon as I can. I'm broke at present. I listen to AR on KUOW in Seattle. Keep up the fight. There's many of us out here who support you.Brent in Seattle, WA
Just a donation to underline my support. Nobody, but Alternative Radio brings intellectual common sense to people. I'll try to get more people interested.Liz in OH
I wish you every inspiration to continue your work.  I am comforted by the commitment of people like you. Thank you, David.Fritz in Dixon, NM
Thank you for your work on Alternative Radio (and, of course, your books) over the years, which has informed, inspired and changed me at a personal and political level.C. Reilly

You are my most trusted media resource. I admire your competent and consistent intents and conclusions.

Artis in WA
Everyone at Alternative Radio contributes greatly to my understanding of the world and my social justice activism.
People of conscience like you are a strong bulwark against, a welcome alternative to, this Post-Truth era in which we live.
Listener in Toronto
I want to express my sincere thanks to Alternative Radio for all it has accomplished over several decades for open-minded, thoughtful people who care and truly love this country and all it could be.Florida listener
Thank you David. You are a treasure for your ceaseless dedication and service so focused on exactly what the work needs . the voices of the most poignant luminaries of the world.
Ahni in Santa Fe, NM
We are so grateful for your work, David. We hear your voice and know we are in for something good and important. Thank you for carrying on.Kathy in Dayton, OH
You really are so valuable to our community and to the world. Thank you for your continuing efforts.Mikl in Longmont, CO
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your vital info.  Truly an education that all Americans need, imho.
Holly in Portland, OR
I love and learn so much through your programs. I feel incomplete if I wake up late on Sunday Mornings. Thank you so much for offering your insightful talk radio show.Silvia in Greenfield, MA
Your work is essential for sanity to prevail in an America that can no longer be governed
The Vulgarians have devoured democracy.
John in the Bay Area
Your excellent programs filter into my thoughts and conversations.LA Listener
It's people like you that give me hope.Listener in Taos, NM
I have always admired your concern and involvement with social and humanitarian issues as exemplified by your dedication to Alternative Radio.Malcolm in Lakewood, CO
If it weren't for you we wouldn't have heard of Chomsky. Thank you.Sally in LA
Thanks always David, for your grand work. I wish I could send you a $million!Justine in Prineville, OR
I’ve been listening to Alternative Radio on KUNM for years.  I recommend it to my family and friends.Gary in Santa Fe, NM
AR is the most important program on radio.  All of radio.  Your interviews, your hard work fills my life with meaning.Sally in CO
I have been a loyal listener so long I lost track, but probably the mid-1990's somewhere.  I saw you in Boston with Howard Zinn in 2004, and Seattle when you delivered the (sermon?) at the Unitarian Church.  I love the work you do and always appreciate how good work gets around because of Alternative Radio.Cliff in WA
Your excellent programs and books filter into my thoughts and conversations. Thank you.California Listener
AR is extraordinary. Thanks for years of guiding me toward truth and justice.Listener in Oregon
It was great to see you again at the CCA, always! Your presentation was as rousting as it was informative. Thank you for gracing our town with your insights and wisdoms in these challenging times.
Paulette in Santa Fe, NM
Your Alternative Radio Paul Street program on CIUT/Toronto was the best radio I've heard in years. Our CBC has fallen into useless liberalism. It was invigorating to hear your broadcast. In solidarity.Jeff in Toronto, ON
My son Sam was so impressed with your talk, political discourse, and intellectual mind-stretching. Thank you for all you do and sharing with us through radio waves, books, and beautiful, articulate lectures.Natalie in Colorado Springs, CO
In annals of American public discourse, your name shines prominently among those who constantly question the dominant discourse.Haider in Vancouver, BC
Many thanks to all of you for bringing us real, engaging truths! AR is a program I always look forward to and know I can trust.Terri in Albuquerque, NM
AR is a beacon of light and hope. You are very special. Thank you.
AR is the best program ever. I can get the straight truth. It's enlightening and refreshing. I'm telling all of my friends about it.Toronto listener
Thank you for giving us AR, for dedicating your life to the cause of peace and for your touching and delightful hand-written notes over the last almost 40 years. I most loved your interviews with Eqbal Ahmad.Listener in the Pacific NW
I was very glad I was able to make the talk, which I thought was excellent. I was excited to hear your perspective, especially considering all your collaborations with such amazing thinkers. I was very pleased to see the terrific turnout, too.Cameron in Sandpoint, ID
Thanks for all you do to facilitate a just and human society.Dave in Redding CA
Thanks for your dedication in getting the truth out and stirring people like me to join the transformation.Pat in North Carolina
You're amazing. Thanks, again, for your largesse and for all you do. Your choices of speakers/thinkers/social change advocates make such an indispensable contribution to our collective well-being and awareness of what really matters.Dorothy in California
Your speakers have given me inspiration and hope for more years than I can recall which makes me thankful for your existence.Chris in Duvall, WA
Thanks so much for your great work! Your radio show helps my wife and I get through these challenging times.Doug & Kim in Oregon
Sorry. I'm too poor to donate. You're the best thing on the radio.Listener in Ohio
AR is one one the most important public affairs shows in the world, regularly bringing important grassroots voices to listeners. AR introduced Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Edward Said, Howard Zinn, Vandana Shiva, Tariq Ali, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortíz, Richard Wolff, Winona LaDuke, and many more to radio listeners.From a listener in Marin County, Bay Area
Thanks for coming to Moscow with your important message. It was inspiring.Richard in Moscow, ID

I don't remember exactly when it was that I started listening to AR on CJSR but I do know it's a breath of fresh air, in the mainstream media pollution. Thanks for continuing to smash a pie in the face of their toxic, terror-mongering and fake values.

Ali in Edmonton, AB
Glad to hear AR is back on WBAI as you continue your good work. Saturdays 7-8PM.Marty in New York, NY
Thank You for your wonderful work on behalf of ALL of us, even if many don't know it!!! You nourish the energy of the Universe.Marilyn in Warrensburg, NY
I wish you every inspiration to continue your work.  I am comforted by the commitment of people like you.Fritz in Indianapolis , IN
AR is an education for me. It helps me make sense of things. It's the best source I have for what's going on out there in the big wide world.Lawrence in Toronto
Continue your vital mission to keep the light of intelligence going strong and making public voices of reason.listener in San Francisco
Thank you for such great content. I just listened to "Inequality Kills Us All" and I'm elated. Thank you for bringing these wonderful programs to our airwaves.Tony in Modesto
I have immense gratitude for you David. You provide much hope for so many who might very well abandon "it" in these bleak times. Listening to Howard Zinn and other AR voices I realize I am not alone.Dave Santa Carmel, CA
Thank you for such crucial information at a time when ignorance and fear seem to be on the verge of taking control of this country. Thank you for providing alternative media that counters the shallow, opinion based 'News' companies manipulating so many Americans into thinking they are watching unbiased news reporting. In reality, all they are watching is opinion disguised as reporting.Benjamin, Pleasanton, CA
Thanks for all you do to make this a more informed and saner world.Shure in Denver, CO
I have found Alternative Radio programs consistently very interesting for years. I've repeatedly learned things from these talks that I have not heard or read anywhere else. Vijay Prashad on neoliberal economics is a recent example, but over the years also of course others like Noam Chomsky, Johann Galtung, the Norwegian diplomat in 2004, Edward Said, and Gar Alperovitz.John in Great Barrington, MA
I really enjoyed your program. Very informative. Educational and intellectual. You are doing an excellent job. Thank you.Behrouz in Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for your ongoing work man-you’re an inspirationDahr in Port Townsend, WA
I love Alternative Radio which we get on KDUR in Durango, Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, for which I have my phone alarm set to 5 minute warning, and 5:30 ‘tune in’!Root, Durango, CO
Thank you for AR. I am learning a lot from all the programs you offer.Samir, Window Rock, AZ
You are Fantastic! Producing these talks year after year, always finding new people, and continuing with the more known. They're all Great!Joan, Albany, NY
Thanks David! You and Chomsky are people I admire for your absolute honesty and capacity for self-introspection.Shiva, Chennai, India
AR provides an incredibly valuable viewpoint that more need to embrace.Henry, Wappingers Falls, NY
Your programs are the most intelligent on the RADIO!Savi, Newburgh, New York, NY
I hear your program on KUOW 94.9FM Seattle. I never miss it! Thank you sooooooo much!Valerie, Deer Harbor, WA
As annoyingly repetitious as it may be, I cannot praise you enough for your unique ability to consistently find those courageous, insightful, and articulate individuals who search for, unveil, and express the truth in an age of sophisticatedly manipulated reality by societal controllers who persuasively deceive the population to bolster the malicious power of the manipulators. Thank you for all the years you've produced what I regard as the most valuable radio program.David in Kent, WA
AR continues to offer me inspiration and hope that somehow, someway our many collective voices will be heard and the injustices of the world will one day be history. Thank you David for finding ways to have important voices heard!! – I wish more people heard the talks you air. I’m trying to do what I can to spread the word that AR is the place to go for ‘news you can use’ and for inspiration.Elizabeth, Orwell, VT
I consider every AR broadcast a postgraduate level lecture on progressive politics and issues. It's an invaluable resource.Tim, Los Angeles, CA
I am interested in having a subscription to this show sent to the white house, to the president. I would also like it sent to congress & to the governor of New York... How can we make this happen? I have been listening to alternative radio for a long time & honestly it is the most relevant honest radio out there... Every week I feel like our so-called leaders & lawmakers need to hear it~!!! Thank you so much for making me feel not so alone.Sunday Dawne, Phoenicia, NY
You are a national asset.Geoffrey, Atascadero, CA
You’re an outgoing expression of honest and DARING journalism: Bravo! As we say, "When it is dark enough, one candle is plenty", I consider you that candle inside this darkness we are passing through these times.Samuel, Fez, Morocco
AR in my view is an oasis in a wasteland of media vapidity. Hell, if there were justice or reason you would have a budget and the resources to rival the AM gasbag-hate mongers.Jim, Edmonds, WA
So essential to keep bringing this information to America. Hats off to David Barsamian. I wish I could send you a million dollars.Kathy, Waldo, ME
I think the information you present is extremely valuable and informative. I lament that not more ears and minds can hear it.Steve, Bradenton, FL
AR is crucial to journalism. In this time of distorted and manipulated online, radio and TV information, AR is bold to air programs that report on issues which are vital to our threatened democracy.Tom, Seattle, WA
I highly recommend many of the presentations to my University students!Angela Zukowski, Dayton, OH
We depend on your program to provide us with the reality check on our political system through a global lens. We learn, we become better citizens, we are inspired by the truth, which is at the heart of Alternative Radio.Sarah, Medina, WA
Thank you for the upgrading of my Constitutional Understanding.Anthony, West Hartford, CT
Hope is no small thing, and renewal of my hope is why I make a practice of listening to AR weekly. Thank you for bringing voices of sanity and wisdom to us listeners.Nancy in ME
AR is now the only place I feel I continue to get unadorned facts.Vickie, Stanwood, WA

Publications and speakers are saying...

Your programs are the most intelligent on the radio.Savi Clough, Newburgh, NY
Thanks again for the interview David. Your enthusiasm for community radio is a huge boost to us.Sam at CKUW in Winnipeg, MB
This is a time for standing up in big ways and small ways.  The work you are doing is essential and we little community radio station support and appreciate your vision and availing the truth.Suzy at KRFY, Sandpoint, ID
As a writer and author, I do many interviews and no interviewer is as well-prepared and insightful as David.Roxanne Dunbar-Ortíz
Wonderful to know that my message is getting out to many thousands of people. You provide such an amazing service to the world.
David Korten
I consider every AR broadcast a postgraduate level lecture on progressive politics and issues. It's an invaluable resource.Tim Withee, Los Angeles, CA
AR is one of the jewels of American media (IMHO).Alan Minsky, KPFK, Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for your very informative presentation on media, propaganda and war. Thank you too for AR and for challenging the monopoly of informationCarl Brun, Professor, Wright State University, Dayton, OH
AR is always my most effective outreach vehicle. I am so indebted to you and your wonderful work. My wife Fran and I just listened on KUOW to your presentation of my University of Oregon talk. Fran, who is pretty much bored to death hearing my presentations, was beside herself with enthusiasm. I think it is the best presentation I've ever given and it so speaks to this moment. The fact that you are getting it out there so broadly in such an effective professional format is thrilling.David Korten
In conversation [with David Barsamian], Chomsky is more relaxed, tentative, and discursive than he is in his books or his public speaking engagements.Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC
David Barsamian is the Studs Terkel of our generation.Howard Zinn
...a ray of light in the media darkness featuring voices of proposals to strengthen our democracy.Ralph Nader
...a source of constant high-quality radio broadcasting that challenges conventional political wisdom., The ProgressiveThe Progressive
AR is sometimes taken to stand for ‘alternative radio.’ A better reading would be ‘authentic’ or ‘autonomous radio’—free from constraints of concentrated power, state or private.Noam Chomsky
An essential service for the communication needs of a democratic society.Ben Bagdikian, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Media Monopoly