No AR in your area?

Things you can do

Alternative Radio must continually overcome the political, ideological and financial obstacles to get on and stay on the air at public and community stations around the US. If you are outside a listening area, here are some things you might do:

  • Contact your local public or community radio station and encourage them to broadcast AR. Remind them that the program is available free of charge. They can contact us for further information.
  • Listen on a station of your choice from the list of stations that stream AR on the web.
  • Get an AR Season Subscription and get all the programs mailed to you or download them at your convenience.
  • Contact your local library about their getting an AR subscription. Take the audio to the masses!
  • Buy a radio station or open a low-power station and broadcast the program yourself!
  • Simply order CDs, transcripts and MP3s from Alternative Radio at (800) 444-1977 or from this website.