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I became a regular listener to your show in about 2010, and my wife in 2014. We cannot begin to thank you for the worlds it has opened up to us. We have observed that your guests all seem to choose the same ontological path; justice over empire. Andy Kuthy
We thank you for all that you do to educate and inform. All of Peace Fresno appreciates the time you've taken to visit us and speak on timely issues. Peace Fresno
Alternative Radio has been one of the best programs ever aired on KUOW. Stephen Bezruchka, Seattle, Washington
AR is now the only place I feel I continue to get unadorned facts. Vickie Koran, Stanwood, Washington
Thank you for the upgrading of my Constitutional Understanding. Anthony Gioco, West Hartford, Connecticut
We depend on your program to provide us with the reality check on our political system through a global lens. We learn, we become better citizens, we are inspired by the truth, which is at the heart of Alternative Radio. Sarah Blum, Medina, Washington
I’ve been hooked on your outstanding, and necessary, programming since I heard your production of Michael Parenti’s lecture on “Fascism: the False Revolution” sometime in the 90s. Jason Velasquez, Adams, Massachusetts
I highly recommend many of the presentations to my University students! Angela Zukowski, Dayton, Ohio
AR is crucial to journalism. In this time of distorted and manipulated online, radio and TV information, AR is bold to air programs that report on issues which are vital to our threatened democracy. Tom Ardavany, Seattle, Washington
I think the information you present is extremely valuable and informative. I lament that not more ears and minds can hear it. Steve Bardish, Bradenton, Florida
So essential to keep bringing this information to America. Hats off to David Barsamian. I wish I could send you a million dollars.” Kathy Mink, Waldo, Maine
AR in my view is an oasis in a wasteland of media vapidity. Hell, if there were justice or reason you would have a budget and the resources to rival the AM gasbag-hate mongers. Jim Sawyer, Edmonds, Washington
I sat in my car for 45 minutes in a supermarket parking lot in 106 degree heat and no air conditioning listening to Richard Wolff on Alternative Radio. Beverly Fitzpatrick, Fresno, California
You are fantastic! Producing these talks year after year, always finding new people, and continuing with the more known, and they are all great! Thank you a million times! Joan Matthews, Albany New York
As for my support of AR… the pleasure is mine! You are the best thing going. With every talk, I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Just between you and me, AR is the antidote to the milquetoast TedTalks. Bruce Callarman, Portland, Oregon
Your programs are the most intelligent on the radio. Savi Clough, Newburgh, New York
You’re an outgoing expression of honest and DARING journalism: Bravo! As we say, “When it is dark enough, one candle is plenty”, I consider you that candle inside this darkness we are passing through these times. Samuel Avital Fez, Morocco
You are a national asset. Geoffrey Wallace, Atascadero, California
I haven’t heard anything so inspiring in years. Anna Swett, West Hollywood, California
I’m so impressed by your program. It just blows me away. Norman Kelly Thornton, Ontario, Canada
We’re indebted to the info you put out for us. James Hanson, McLough, Kansas
Your tireless effort to educate us is much appreciated. Robert Zimmerer, Beaverton, Oregon
Your program is my lifeline, oftentimes. Best of luck. Kate Shanley, Missoula, Montana
I’m a conservative, but I like what you do. Its very productive, informative, and constructive. Uranus Tyler, Long Beach, California
AR rocks. Laurie Baker, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Special special special appreciation for all your contributions to creating a better society, a better world, for all of us. Sue Bastian, Bend, Oregon
I am interested in having a subscription to this show sent to the white house, to the president. I would also like it sent to congress and to the governor of New York. How can we make this happen? I have been listening to alternative radio for a long time and honestly it is the most relevant honest radio out there. Every week I feel like our so-called leaders and lawmakers need to hear it! Thank you so much for making me feel not so alone. Sunday Dawne-Marie, Phoenicia, New York
AR is changing our life and it’s changing the pulse of the country. It’s so important. I said yes about 100 times during your interview with David Suzuki. When will we wake up to climate change? Dan Gunther, New Paltz, New York
Great program this week, David, thank you! Richard Wolff is always so clear, so forthright, and I love the joy andoptimism with which he delivers his strong ideas, brilliant in their simplicity. Mina Takahashi, Oxford, New York
I consider every AR broadcast a postgraduate level lecture on progressive politics and issues. It’s an invaluable resource. Tim Withee, Los Angeles, California
I feel AR has a special contribution to make, and I don’t want to lose it. The issues it addresses are critically important, and the speakers confront these issues in uncompromising ways. Some of the people David interviews, such as Morris Berman, Paul Cienfuegos, and Juliet Schor, I might never have heard of otherwise. Georgia Sanford, Grover Beach, California
AR is one of my favorite sources of info. I enjoy the broad range of topics presented. Jamal Jordan, Huntersville, North Carolina
WOJB, here in the North Woods of Wisconsin, carries your program every Sunday morning. Truly a much needed and appreciated voice in the wilderness! Stella Fearn Milner, Cable, Wisconsin
The only good thing left on the radio. Greta Eichel, Saratoga Springs, New York
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your programs. And I pass them on to others. Ann Worth, Aspen, Colorado
You’re the only thing that’s decent to listen to in the entire sea of shit in American mass media that I’m able to get. Send me a pamphlet about your programs. I have no money, maybe I can get my library to buy them. Michael Kreis, Newport, Oregon
Thank you for your media bravery… Truth has been rare throughout human history and in these times, sadly, even more deformed, reshaped, and manipulated by the ever-more compressed corporate monopolists of power. Praises to you for finding the brilliant truth tellers and making their knowledge, wisdom, and courage available to the citizenry! David Becker, Seattle, Washington
AR continues to offer me inspiration and hope that somehow, someway our many collective voices will be heard and the injustices of the world will one day be history. Thank you David for finding ways to have important voices heard! I wish more people heard the talks you air. I’m trying to do what I can to spread the word that AR is the place to go for ‘news you can use’ and for inspiration. Elizabeth Frank, Orwell, Vermont
You’re my favorite thing on the radio for sure. Sandra Johnson, Portland, Oregon
Thomas Linzey was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard on radio. So inspiring. Thank you so much for being there. Jim Hughes, New York, New York
I stopped what I was doing and just listened, like a student. James Baker, Alford, Massachusetts
You’re making a difference in the world. I wish more people could hear you. Dorie Klein, Camden, Maine
Thanks a million for bringing us what we can never dream of from our so called mainstream media. A noble task which only heroes like David Barsamian and Amy Goodman are doing. Balraj Cheema, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I think your work is absolutely essential. I think I can motivate a lot of women by sharing the Sandra Steingraber program. Leonore Alaniz, Amherst, Massachusetts
You offer something that nobody else offers. Mervin Ross, North York, Ontario, Canada
Thanks, Mr. B, for your unflagging work for liberty and true democracy! Anthony Pell, Salt Point, New York
AR is always my most effective outreach vehicle. I am so indebted to you and your wonderful work. My wife Fran and I just listened on KUOW to your presentation of my University of Oregon talk. Fran, who is pretty much bored to death hearing my presentations, was beside herself with enthusiasm. I think it is the best presentation I’ve ever given and it so speaks to this moment. The fact that you are getting it out there so broadly in such an effective professional format is thrilling. David Korten, Bainbridge Island, Washington
AR changed the face of radio forever. Frank Barat, London, England
As Bob Dylan predicted, "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall." Alternative Radio is one of the champions who will help us get through it. Llyn French
Thank you for 30 years of incredible journalism. Your timeless and courageous work has meant a great deal to me. John Chambers, Florance, Alabama
Again . . . Thank you for your moral, eithical, and independent voice. Dysa Kafoury, Seattle, Washington
What a wonderful website. I’ve wandered there many times, unable to choose! Sarah Miles, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Your thoughts are enlightening, and remind me to live with eyes wide open. Thanks again! John Egar, Florence, Oregon
Alternative Radio offers me the voices of honest and sane points of view. As a result of listening to AR over the years, I am much better informed and educated about those global issues that matter so dearly to us all. Namely, matters concerning truth and justice and good will in regards to society. Michael Ingram, Bend, Oregon
Thank you for your dedicated selfless work to bring various enlightening subjects and issues to the public's attention Steven Krolik, San Francisco, California
Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your ongoing work, Thank you, from all of the folks like myself who don’t always say so Justine, Eugene, Oregon
It was a great evening especially after you thinking you were only going to be meeting and greeting and you somehow finding the energy for an excellent talk and fine performance. Thanks again for making our KEPW celebration so special. David, Eugene, Oregon
Your message was inspiring. You helped KEPW (Eugene Peace Works) raise nearly $ 3600! All of us were astounded and grateful. Matt, Eugene, Oregon
You are rocking and full of energy as always! Amazing you talked about Conrad's Heart of Darkness and imperialism. Asgar
Thanks for fantastic speakers, always relevant, wise and key individuals. I have been a fan since the beginning. Please persist and resist. Michael
Thank You, for Your kind e- mail. Was a privilege to meet You by person. 😀 Your knowledge is mind blowing awesome! You are the World Historian! Lilka, Toronto, Canada
As annoyingly repetitious as it may be, I cannot praise you enough for your unique ability to consistently find those courageous, insightful, and articulate individuals who search for, unveil, and express the truth in an age of sophisticatedly manipulated reality by societal controllers who persuasively deceive the population to bolster the malicious power of the manipulators. David, Kent, Washington
Thank you for Alternative Radio. I am learning a lot from all the programs you offer. I listen to KGLP radio 91.7 FM Gallup Public Radio Samir, Arizona
I've been enthralled, energized, thrilled to listen. You all do the best work imaginable. I'm grateful and can barely imagine how hard you must work. Thank you for every minute of your efforts. So appreciated. Sarah, New Mexico
I hear your program on KUOW 94.9FM Seattle. I never miss it! Thank you sooooooo much! Valerie, Deer Harbor, Washington
The informed, considered questions you ask are every bit as interesting to me as are her answers. Anahid, CO
AR is one of the jewels of American media (IMHO). Alan Minsky, KPFK Los Angeles
I would like to commend you on a most vital service that I bleieve you offer to the American public. I have been fortunate enough to have come across a wealth of your literature/ material from a fellow prisoner whom was here. I was absolutely moved by the perspectives which are entrenched in historical and journalist, writers, historians, lecturers, ect., that the articles, transcripts, and other periodicals display is a tremendous help in demystifying a bombardment of misinformation. Middleton, Colorado
Your work is more important now than ever so I hope you can keep up the energy!" Stuart, Bellinghan
Thanks you so much for addressing us on the propagnda of the media re: War. You gave a very informative presentation. Thank you for your Alternative Radio talk show and for challenging the monopoly of information. Carl, Wrightstate
It was a pleasure to attend your talks in September at Worcester State. You are certainly an inspiration! I've enjoyed exploring the Alternative Radio site and look forward to following your work, particularly reading your new book. Morgan, Massachusetts
Thank YOU, David! I can't tell you how many fired-up people I've heard from since your talk. What a great evening! Christie, Mendocino
Saturday evening sitting in my kitchen listening to Noam Chomsky, i thought i would never have that opportunity if it was not for your untiring efforts. I so appreciate the fact you 'keep on' These are very dark times and we need little flashes of hope. Jill, Albuqerque
Everybody says that your appearance at Gallery Bookshop was fantastic. Hurray for you continuing to carry on your message. Jim, Mendocino
Thanks for what you do, your work shapes us. Karen, San Francisco
It is really amazing how you have managed to sustain AR through listener contributions. Heartening to know that people still value genius and great talent. Dionne in Vancouver, BC
May Alternative Radio grow as tall as these giant Redwoods. Edward, Fresne
Because you are in the world, our world is better. I listen to you regularly and you lift my spirit. Thank you truly. Keep going Clarissa, Denver
Thank you for a very inspiring talk. It was so insightful and hopeful and really spoke to all kinds of audiences, including the non-political. Dionne, Vancouver
So, so proud of you, David. No one more informed, versatile, progressive, compassionate, courageous, loving, honest, with integrity, schmarts, experience in all realms of media, than you. Susie, Ft Bragg
We are so appreciative of your willingness to come to the Grassroots Radio Conference as our Kenote speaker. It made a difference to us. You added depth and sparkle to the conference. KHOI, Ames
Thank you for your great program, great brilliant genius. In the last few days I heard important reports from AR on neo-liberalism, Korea and the corporate press. Michael, Newport
Thank you, David, for all you do to bring serious and intelligent and challenging voices into our lives. We learn from everything we hear that you air, and keep learning. Trellan, New York
Please accept the enclosed donation to help continue your vital work. Barsamian first came to my attention in the Chomsky video "Manufacturing Consent." "Now there's a fellow to pay attention to," I thought. Keep up the excellent work. Alan, Indiana
You are a national asset, like Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, and the few others. Thanks for the outstanding work you do. Robert, Santa Fe
You are fantastic! Producing these talks year after year, always finding new people. And continuing with the more known. And they're all great! Thank you a million times! Joan, Albany
Thank you for affording us "Alternative Radio." I'm truly grateful for the efforts you make, year after year, to provide "programming" that gives voice to human being's better nature: thank you, for your enlightened "warrior intelligence, " and for your generous commitment to the concept of mankind's higher possibility. Your example inspires courage and stamina in a contemporary situation that tends to deplete both. Tom, Misoula
Thanks for your outstanding and spot-on presentation on so many issues tied in with our corporate/banking media. Earl, Denver
Wonderful talk last night. Wonderful is perhaps not the right word, it was beyond wonderful and absolutely essential to hear your speech on these critical topics. I wish every American could be present Shideh, Boulder
We are all so grateful for your presence at our gathering in Coupeville. We hope we can continue to learn and support your efforts in making the world a better place. Island County Community Coalition, WA
Listening to your show for years. Right from the beginning i was struck by the brilliance, honesty and courage of your speakers. What your are doing is so important, right now particularly. We must shine a light in any and every way that we can in these dark times. Thank you for being a beacon. Meredith, NY
You've got quite a following here and a little truth shone on this subject is very welcome! You'd love the impression of herself a lady does , of her neurons popping out of her head and sizzling away as she listens to your broadcasts. Virginia, New Mexico
Thank you for your wonderful energizing and inspiring programs. Your work is vitally important. Santa Fe, California
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