2 reviews for U.S. Interventions in the Middle East

  1. Leslie Barnave

    I, tonight (Nov. 12, 2018), was attentive of the re-broadcast of Edward Said’s speech given15 years ago or so; and, while critical the gentleman made a favorable impression on me. His perspectives concerning the Middle East situation is factual and irrefutable.

    I think the only manner of (human) being which could oppose Edward Said’s ethics either are ignorant American evangelical Zionists, or (unethical) Jews which fraudulently defame Zion, Yehoshalom (id. Jerusalem) [meaning, Yehowah’s Peace], and the authentic descendants of the ancient Hebrew-Yisraelites (an ethnicity within the Negroid race).

    The (ethical and unethical) Jews aren’t descedants of Shem, the son of Noah; and therefore not the so-called “Semite”. They’re rather descendents of Japheth (the son of Noah) grandson, Ashkenaz. The difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jew is not ancestry but which Talmud (the Babylonian or Jerusalem) is recognized.

    This argument corroborated by sound passages from the Bible and secular history is material to bring an end to the occupation and defamation of Zion and Yehoshalom by a people which are oppressing so-called Palestinians which are probably authentic Semites. You see the power of “sorcery”, id. lies. The most powerful weapon against sorcery is irrefutable and indisputable truth and morality, not mankind’s weapons of war. The boycott, divestmenbt, and sanction campaign is effective and must be expanded, with education of authentic ancient history..

  2. Brad Will

    An unsanitized and clear-eyed assessment of the intensive, programmatic containment of Middle Eastern states by the U.S. and its geopolitical special interests and friends. Here’s the news that never made it – or makes it – to the MSM. We are all embedded and our news diet fastidiously controlled.
    Thank you, Edward Said.

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