3 reviews for Co-ops: Economic Democracy

  1. Kristina Boudreaux

    This interview provided not only excellent, valuable information about possibilities for our US economy through employee-owned companies, it provided hope. Thank you Nathan, and Alternative Radio.

  2. Emma Guttman-Slater

    Such a great segment and indeed the New Economy Coalition is a GREAT resource to learn more about democratizing capital/coop development: neweconomy.net

    I didn’t realize the history of credit cards is rooted in cooperative styles. Is there somewhere to learn more about that history (in addition to Nathan’s book)?

    Re the comment below – no, he was saying that cooperative visionaries should be elevated to the same level in society as our admiration (idolization…) of innovators like Steve Jobs.

  3. Dana Franchitto

    Did I hear Steve Jobs mentioned as an “alternative” innovator? Please, he is corporate capitalism incarnate.

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