5 reviews for Fascism: The False Revolution

  1. Ian

    I first heard this in the 90s and it’s truer today than ever before.

  2. Carol W.

    This program’s date was a surprise…it sounded like 2016. Thank goodness for those out protesting!!!

  3. Barbara

    I forgot how accurate and prescient Parenti has always been.

    And funny.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Erin Kommer

    It is 2016. Soon to be the next presidential “election”. This recording is as relevant as ever and sounds as if it were played live. We have only moved further to towards the realities described in the audio.
    Simply amazing.

  5. David Eriksen

    I recently stumbled across an old cassette tape recording I made of the radio broadcast of Parenti’s talk. I wish I could remember when that was (1995, according to this website), but it is obvious that I knew Parenti’s message was of critical importance. 17 years later, I found that Parenti was as spot on and relevant about Fascism then as his words are now. As a matter of fact, if you listened to his talk now, in 2012, you’d think he did it live. Sad to say that some crap (corporate fascism) still remains the same.

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