2 reviews for Drone Warfare

  1. Jerry

    This was a very eye opening talk. It needs to be released for free so every american can listen to it.
    I did want to also say Drones are not only being used in warfare and intruding to peoples lives. I have seen where they are being used to help track animals in the wild where the use of other means does not allow the research to be performed. I believe there is a use for drones but a misuse by the government should not be tolerated.

  2. Judith Dahlen

    I just heard this talk on KBOO radio in Portland Ore. and found it extraordinary. Everyone should hear it. I’m going to post the info on FB and make sure my pastor gets a copy so that we can add it to the discussion and action process of our UCC congregation. I was delighted to learn that Code Pink actually has allies in a couple of arch conservative organizations, working on legal ways to combat the use of drone technology domestically and challenging it’s use in the world at large. Here’s common ground for all.

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